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How to Get Custom Permalinks

Permalinks for SEO

Here’s a simple way to get custom permalinks for SEO and avoid 404 error pages on WordPress. This is guaranteed to work because I just did this as of July 13th, 2011. Go into your WordPress Admin Area>Settings>Permalinks

You will have 5 options once you’re in the permalinks section of WordPress:

1. Default
2.Day and Name
3.Month and Name
5.Custom Structure

Choose the custom structure and type:  /%postname%/

read2learn how to change your permalink structure custom permalinks

Now ALL your permalinks will automatically change to (Example: This is a much cleaner permalink structure than the default setting, and this will improve your search engine optimization.

Keep in mind that search engines have already indexed your pages with your old permalink structure, so you will have to redirect these indexed pages. If you do not redirect your website, then people that click on your old links from search engines, twitter, or bookmarking sites will get a 404 error because that link will no longer exist.

The best wordpress plugin to fix this problem is called “Permalink Finder.” Install this plugin, activate it, and save the default settings as they are. The only part you should  adjust is the “Track 404 and Redirects.” This section will allow you to track up to 30 hits to your website to make sure the pages are redirecting. Check out the plugin and let me know what you think. If you have any questions, then leave a comment or send me an email.

To your internet success,

-Anastasiya Petrova


  1. I tried this before, and you are right about the 404 error. I will try this plugin and see what happens

  2. This is a good post. I think I still get 1 or 3 404 errors, but I was able to manually redirect those. That’s a really good plugin though

  3. That is the easiest way to do it. Thats what I did

  4. You know what funny? Some SEO guys will charge you a couple hundred dollars to do simple stuff like this. off

  5. I wish I knew this before i started my website. WordPress should default there settings this way..why make is complicated!

  6. Coincidentally, I made the change you suggest as an ideal permalink recently and did experience the downturn in traffic for about 2 weeks. It is slowly inching back up.

    BTW will WordPress do the redirect automatically or do we have to use Redirect plugins or code it in the .htaccess? I am using the Permalink Redirect plugin right now so I guess, it works but wondering if it is redundant.

    • You have to use the redirect plugin or you will get 404 errors if someone clicks your links from the search engine or bookmarking websites.

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