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I hope you found this post by typing “ Scam” into Google! I want you to know that you’re not alone. I think is the biggest scam/fraudulent website I have ever dealt with. The freelancers on the website are semi okay, but the owners of act like crooks. I have no idea how that website is still in business.

Here’s a quick story of what happened to me. I signed up for a account, posted my first job, got about 11 bids (10 of those bids were clearly scam automated responses) but 1 guy was cool!

So I hired the cool guy, but I had to make a deposit into the Freelancer account to get things going.

The minimum deposit for the job was $30, and it’s supposed to go into an alleged “Escrow” account. The money is to be held there until the hired freelancer completes the job. First off, charges you an extra $1.01 for a processing fee, so I ended up paying $31.01..not a big deal.

About a week later, I get an email from saying that my account has a negative balance for the job posted. Turns out these scam artist have a hidden fee of $3 for every job that you post. So my $30 deposit was now $27!

I find that strange because they said I could post my first job for FREE..which I did! But as soon as I made a deposit, I guess they decided it wasn’t free anymore and stole an extra $3…eh still not a big deal.

Anyways, almost 2 months past and the Freelancer that I hired never completed the job. (He said he could complete the job in 4 days, so he had more than enough time! I was patient right?) The Freelancer I hired eventually just cancelled the job which means I should be able to get my deposit back..right? After all, the money is in Escrow.. allegedly. scamSo I go to withdraw the money, and is now asking me to verify my phone number. Okay DONE!

Next I had the option to have the money sent directly to my Bank or to Paypal. I choose the “Bank” option and got an error that says something like, “Sorry.. unavailable in your country (USA)..India only!” Hah..what the heck?!

So I choose the Paypal option and guess what…ANOTHER FEE! Now these scam artist want to charge me another $2.00 to withdraw MY MONEY even though no services were provided. Ehh..whatever not a big deal I guess, right? Next I read the fine print, and the minimum amount needed to withdraw your money is $30! Okay…that’s when I realized that might be a scam and/or shady website!

They charge you to deposit money, they charge you to post a job, and now they’re charging me again to withdraw my money?! Okay, now I only have $27 in my account, so they expect me to deposit another $3 + fees to meet the $30 minimum withdraw requirements? I think that’s a scam!

SCAM SCAM SCAM scam alert 2012I think makes money by charging people excessive fees and flat out stealing peoples money. Before I wrote this article, I searched “ scam” on Google and read how wasn’t even paying there freelancers after the jobs were complete. was asking people to fax over Passports, Birth Certificates, SSN’s, or pictures of themselves in the mirror holding a sign with there username and password on a piece of paper. That’s crazy and unprofessional.

So here’s how I think works in a nutshell:

  1. Employers deposit money into’s shady escrow account.
  2. After the jobs are complete, makes it extremely difficult for the workers to collect there payments.
  3. If the employer requires refund, figures out a way to eat up as much of your money as they can! If they’re feeling extra scammy, they’ll just suspend your account, keep all your money, and release it when they feel like it.

By the way, don’t even waste your time contacting there customer service departments! doesn’t even have a phone number, and the “online chat” customer service feature is the worst I’ve ever experienced. I felt as if I was chatting with 10yr olds, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I was!

They’re a HUGE company right? What type of REAL company doesn’t have a phone number? Customer service is non existent now-a-days, and companies like this will not last very long.

So whats the lesson for today? scam 2012 scams

  1. Avoid like the Plague! If you’re looking to outsource some work, I recommend using “
  2. Customer Service is KING! Treat your customers good and your business will flourish. Treat your customers badly, and someone just might write and SEO optimized article about you that shows up on the first page of Google 😉

-Kent Mauresmo Scam 2012



They finally gave me my money back (1 week later) after I emailed 6 different people, raised hell, and wrote this article about them. Even though they gave me a refund, I still don’t recommend this website.

The customer service sucks, and I wasted at-least 2 hours of my time going back and forth with them. Obviously $30 isn’t that much money to fight over, but it’s still my money so whatever. Hah!

Below you’ll find another article that contains useful links and emails where you can complain against


Update #2 (October 2012)


“Stealing Providers Money”

Yes its true, My id is imaginativegfx on Please check my profile I’m a very old user of this site, More than 75 reviews, 5 star rating and won 17 contest, but I have to say that they are stealing designers money. This is to aware all provider about fraudulent behavior.

I won few contests on recently client paid me but, not allowed me to withdraw the fund to my bank saying that client’s details are not verified.

My question is why don’t verify these details before any one posting the job. Once someone posted a job and I worked on it and now I’m unpaid for done work. Is not it cheating.

2nd one –

I participated in this job after checking that client details are verified. His email, profile and payment, all are verified. I feel that I will get money for this contest. I won and client paid me. I withdraw some money into my bank account. Now Reversed All Prize Awarded and my account is showing negative balance. Now suspended.

They also closed his account so that I can’t communicate with him and deleted the contest to end all possibilities to communication with him.

I honestly worked on contest and need money for done work. If a client is fraud then is responsible for this. I will not pay for negative balance. Instead I will love to leave the and soon you all will realize that this kind of behavior by will lead to the closing of this website.


Update #3 (November 2012) complained to my hosting company to try to get me to take down my entire website. Isn’t that crazy?! Hah! They accused me off violating the copyright and trademarks of, in addition to defaming the company. Wow.

The only trademark I might have infringed on was their logo. I had their logo within my blog post (even though it was just a screenshot from their website)  so I removed it. That’s the only thing I can think of, and my hosting company is fine with that.

The people at are crazy…seriously! If I end up dead or something, then you know what happened because they are seriously trying to cover up something.

I’m 50/50 about deleting this blog post because I have better things to do than waste time with these clowns. They aren’t even worth the back-link they get every time I type “”

They even want me to remove all the comments on this blog post. Hah why? Its an open forum, people can say whatever they want (including all the customer service reps from that have left comments.) Plus I highly doubt anybody is lying in the comments because everybody is saying the same exact thing.


  1. I have had issues with to and decided to start my own freelancer site visit and see how you like the site.thank you

    • Yep, these guys are scammers. They ultimately do not care about keeping their users happy (be them workers or employers), so long as they extract their few dollars per project. BEWARE everyone. I make a fair amount of money from these guys but have learned over the months that ultimately they love extracting money and keeping it, even if projects are cancelled, or employers refuse to pay you, etc, etc. BE CAREFUL. There are other better freelancing platforms which everyone should go use INSTEAD, so that freelancer’s share of the market dwindles.

    • i have never felt so robbed in my life before until i came across

      this site charges poor folk who are seeking work for the privilege of accepting a job which may not even pay then a a penny – who does that ??

      it charges for project management space,

      it charges to take exams to certify yourself

      it charges to speak to their management via skype
      – what the baloney is that, skype is free

      it carries many rogue jobs and rogue employment schemes

      it charges employers to post a job once it is accepted by a worker

      it charges you to transfer funds in to pay for jobs

      it charges you to transfer funds out

      apparently it also doubles as a bureau de change and financial company that charges people to convert their funds to another currency as much as $5 to convert funds

      it charges you to use the site via subscription fees

      it also takes no steps to protect intellectual property and audaciously attempts to retrieve or steal funds from peoples accounts if you give those details.

      I would recommend you give it a miss.

      • also may I add, that may God punish Ian Ipollito for wilfully selling his business stake forsaking so many respectable people for gain whilst they lose.

        If only he had asked the people at vworker if we want to move and given us time to leave if we did not want to that would make sense.

        Waking up to his lofty speech was the worst end of year gift any idiot could give and I hope he chokes on whatever they paid him.

  2. Huge huge huge huge scam company, and guess what? Their policies and practices encourage scammed freelancers. I hired one of their freelancers. There was a 2 week project deadline. This freelancer gave me a plethora of excuses ranging from sickness, to Internet going down, to storms, etc. The 2 weeks pass, he provides me with a half completed job and begs me to release a “milestone” so he can afford to keep working on it assuring me he would have it complete in 1 more week. I reluctantly release a portion of the funds to him, and he literally COPIES and PASTED a design from one the websites I gave him as a sample. HE STOLE their code and imported it into my site, and he wasn’t even crafty about it leaving references to their company name, offer, etc. When I pointed that out to him, he said he was just trying to give me what I asked for! By stealing it? WTF?

    I reported him and showed the evidence of his scam to freelancer support.

    They DO not care!

    This was evidence that there is someone scamming people on their site. Do you think they suspended the account? Nope. Instead they initially return email with some form/cut and paste responses. After being challenged further to have some accountability, they further suggested that I try to “work it out” with the freelancer, and that there is nothing they can do.

    Finally, they tell me to leave feedback.

    I go to try and do that and guess what? There is no option.

    They inform me that it is past the “reasonable” time limit to do so!

    WTF is that?

    I’ll tell you what it is. It’s one scammer (freelancer) protecting their own (freelance scammer)

    And why would they do that you ask?

    Because every time that scammer freelancer accepts another project, they get a % of the milestone, and that’s really only what they are after! gets paid when you deposit funds and make milestone payments. Why would they limit the amount of jobs their freelancers can get, even if the freelancer is a their and scammer? They know that most people won’t be bothered to fight it, or go the extra length to complain on a blog site like this, and even if we do, there are a lot of would-be employers getting caught in this trap daily.

    In other words, they’re getting away with it.

    I’m seriously considering looking into getting a class action suit initiated against them for collective damages, and hopefully to put them out of business. Thankfully I have a lawyer in the family, and coincidentally their firm specializes in online scams. If anyone has similar stories and wants to post them here, I’ll consider giving my contact information with respect to getting in touch.

    I don’t think it will be easy but it will send a message!

  3. so me to was scammed by freelance and i am still trying to get my money back! if any one has any good mail in freelance please help i dont know how did that guy get in touch to the CEO??!!

    i cant get past the HELP DESK! which is helpless desk!

    so a conman freelancer took some money never deliver the job, he knew about the freelancer deadline about posting an incomplete review so he tried to stall and stall till it expired i tried to leave a bad review he explained that i fi do so i will lose all the work he has done and lose the money and just to be patient, i was and in the end i got F**** so.. help-desk is not doing any thing except helping the freelancer get away with it by not letting me warn other people about this guy..

    if you type abhishek on the net you will find a lot of scammed people but if you look at his profile on freelancer he will look legit and not even 1 bad review? how is that possible without the help and protection??

    it is not… check it out..

    he is maestroes(on freelancer) , and the company is

    so this is obvious proof that a guy who scammed a lot of people (including me) can not get any bad reviews because he knows the freelancer trick (of expiring review) and freelancer are helping him because they are getting a cut of his scams! , simple..

    i am now making and soon i will make my page about freelancer scam so you will all be welcome to send me mails i will post them on the site

    • I don’t even think the person that was emailing me was the CEO. The first email I received was professional, but then the following emails got really silly really fast. It seemed more like an email from an angry girlfriend rather than a boss. Also it’s highly unlikely that a CEO would send out personal emails to people that give his website a bad review.

      Just open like 5 or 6 help tickets until you get somebody who cares. They are probably hoping that you give up and forget about the whole thing.

      • Don’t worry boys and girls… so far got the amount of materials that would be enough to publish 10 big articles concerning potentially criminal behaviors of this syndicate. What’s more, those are issues that so far haven’t been discussed this much. Give me just a few weeks more.

        What can you do so far?
        1. Report to Google (query: report webspam) all the rampaging SEO of them. All the industry guys will see what is happening. you are better than me anyway.
        2. See recent news, press releases etc. discussing Send email, make phone calls and ask: why are you so naive? why are you buying other people’s overgrown egos and sell them as legit corporation? why aren’t you checking the background of
        3. Visit the Wikipedia and add some truth about controversies concerning this company. All legit businesses have their ‘controversies’/’critic’. Forgot: is beyond legit. Add well sourced and well referenced entries. Company’s personnel will delete them. Undo. And so on and on. Remember that some people will learn the truth meanwhile.

        Reason I am more than angry? Recieved illegal personal threats from’s personnel member, my account got deleted after I refused to remove my articles, my customers recieved smear note about me, my publisher ceased contact with me without a word, my real name and surname published on Wikipedia (see editions history of ; August the 13th).

        Thanks to those facts I go angry to the point I have started investigating your shady business and some beans may be spilled. Congratulations!
        Chaim S. recently posted..REALSCAM.COM – MY LOOONG RESPONSEMy Profile

        • Yea I got threats too. Like, “Remove your blog post within 24 hours or we’ll be forced to take legal actions against you.” Yea right, they must think I’m stupid Haha. It’s my personal blog, I can write whatever I want. Everything I wrote is true and accurate, and they are lucky that I don’t take legal actions against them for trying to steal.

          As soon as you deposit your money into’s escrow account..GAME OVER! If the Freelancer you hired doesn’t complete the job he was hired to do, then good luck getting your money back. Even if the Freelancer acknowledged’s that he didn’t complete the job he was hired to do, you’ll still have a tough time trying to get your money back! They’ll ask for all this verification information that they DON’T ask for when you first make the deposit.

          I think I remember they asked me for a phone# to send me a verification text or automated phone call. Well if that’s a requirement to prevent Credit Card fraud, doesn’t it make sense to verify all that BEFORE people start making deposits? What if I didn’t have a phone# for verification…then what?

          Then they give me the option to withdraw the money to my bank account, but I get an error that says “NOT IN YOUR COUNTRY…INDIA ONLY” Really?? I live in United States, so what’s the issue? And if its for India only, then why are you giving me that option??

          Then you’ll run into another brick wall because they’ll attempt to charge you ANOTHER processing fee to withdraw your money. Wait…you just charged me a processing FEE to deposit the money…and a fee to post a job, and now another fee to withdraw money even though I didn’t get any service from your site? Im sorry, but whhyy am I paying multiple fees when no service was provided? I literally just gave them money for NOTHING! They still got a commission and a couple processing fees, and I got nothing.

          They should be protecting me! I’m the employer..I’m the one making deposits in the Escrow account. So why would you screw over the people that are making the deposits? It’s like a bank allowing you to open a new bank account without any form of identification. Then 2 days later you go back to the bank to make a withdraw and they freeze your account until they can verify you! Oh, but FEEL FREE TO MAKE ANOTHER DEPOSIT…no freeze on that feature. Lol

          Like I said before, they make it easy to deposit money into their escrow account, but when it’s time to make a withdraw (even using the same payment method)…not so easy. The only thing customer service will tell you is, “I’m sorry sir, there’s nothing I can do. Is their anything else I can help you with?

    • Let me know when you post the site. I’ll support you 100%

  4. Agree with all of the above. I’ve worked with Freelancer for five years, and in the past have found some excellent Freelancer to work with.

    Recently I’ve been unable to find anyone on the site to complete a job. Always a lot of talk, but when the deadline arrives nothing is done. And then if there is a dispute just splits the difference. is a complete waste of time.

    I’m on my way to find a new Freelancer site.

    • Exactly. If the person doesn’t complete the job in the specified time, then you should be at-least credited back the entire amount so you can hire somebody else that can get it done!

      That’s what does. If someone says they can complete a job in 5 days and the job goes into day 6, Fiverr automatically sends you an email saying that you can cancel the gig and they’ll immediately credit the money back to your account. That frees up your money so you to hire somebody else that’s reliable…simple and effective.

      You shouldn’t have to split the difference if the guy didn’t do anything. That’s crazy.
      Kent Mauresmo recently posted..Top 10 WordPress Plugins 2012My Profile


    1. I have heard about a lot and started using it. Things were going fine when I used to have $100 or less in my account. The day I crossed $500 in my account, I got to see a SCAMMER face of them.

    2. They wanted me verify myself, wow! that was not a issue. I verified myself and gave them all the necessary details. Now what they say? Yeah, they say my identity does not match. Amazing that was, I gave all the details correctly as per asked. They asked me questions which I replied as well. and then they keep on asking me questions after questions. Should I have used any other site? Surely, this is the worst place I could ever imagine. I know their security matures should be taken in such sites, but y they are asking me questions after questions every time which I already answered in brief?

    3. I consulted some of my mates and told them the story. What’s funny is that they say exactly the same thing happened to me. They say keep watching you until you have good amount in your account. The day they see your account is doing them business, they do this to you.

    4. I hired people to work for me over there. Now not just freelancer has eaten my money, but also not allowing me to pay my workers. What do my employees have to do with this. The next funny thing is, all those employees I paid are re not able to withdraw the funds I paid.

    5. If you’re really looking for such kinda business, I would suggest DO NOT USE FREELANCER.COM. It will burn you and kill you badly. I hope you will not like to be cheated. I know many people will reply to my comment as what am saying is all fake. Yeah, because these are people and surely want you to attract you to use their site.

    If anyone has extra money to waste, I would suggest use and here you can waste as much you can. Though am not the one in need to waste my earning and so quit working there.

    That was the worst experience of my life which I would never want to think of. Just a simple suggestion, NEVER USE FREELANCER.COM UNLESS YOU HAVE A LOT OF EXTRA BUGS TO WASTE.

  6. same thing happened to me… charged my credit card nearly $400 with all types of fees on a $300 project. when put blocked them from making further charges to my credit card, they made my account ‘unverified.’ now they’re refusing to resolve the overcharges until my account is verified. to get it verified, i have to allow them to make further charges to my credit card, bank account or paypal. finally i told them to remove my account after getting no where… get this… they’re refusing to remove account as long as my status is unverified. this company is the most unethical company i’ve dealt with in a very long time.

    • Yea! They are just unethical. They are technically doing everything by the book, but everything benefits them and not the people that use the website. That’s crazy.

      Companies like that are the reason why I use prepaid credit cards online. That will prevent hidden fees and other problems
      Kent Mauresmo recently posted..Top 10 WordPress Plugins 2012My Profile

    • The same thing happened to me, except I was backed into a corner and saddled with $199 plus hidden charges to post a project where the average bid was about $50! I blocked part of that payment on my Paypal account, and then limited my account. I had to cancel all six of my projects because it would have been foolish to operate with the possibility that I might never get paid fairly again through Freelancer. Their customer service staff has not responded to any of my emails, and their identity verification process has degenerated into a one sided conversation that has absolutely nothing to do with my identity. They disagree with me concerning the stopped payment, and getting paid seems to be the only thing they’re really concerned about. They ask about that and nothing more! See for my full write up on this scam.

  7. I have had 8 projects done on, I found they have terrible customer service, they didn’t answer a couple of my emails, their live chat was often unavailable, freelancers’ locations are not verified, two freelancers were scammers who asked me to release their milestones before starting their jobs.

  8. Hi,

    My name is Mladen Djukic (that’s also my username on and every other websites where I’m registered) and I will try to share my negative experience with you. Of course, it’s all about

    I am registered at this website for two years, I’ve won few projects and contests, payments was regular and on time, everything seems to be fine…until few days ago.

    At Saturday (17.11.2012.) I have won the contest for 490$ (contest holder: pythoncolt, contest: Logo Design for iisoft (ID 11325)). Contest was guaranteed and payed in advance by employer. Same day employer transferred money to my account. I even withdrawn that funds at that same day to my debit card. Day after, at Sunday, I’m logging in and suddenly there’s no any money on my account! What’s happening? Contest was deleted, as well as employer’s profile. First step, contacting Freelancer support. Support suggested me that I should contact employer directly, which I did. He was suspicious, by their allegation, and they said that money is reversed to him. I’ve contacted him, he replied me back (which I didn’t expect cause they told me that he is a fraud or something like that) surprised by Freelancer action and deleted account. Obviously, he’s not a fraud…if it is, he wouldn’t reply to my email…pretty simple and obvious. And of course, he doesn’t get his refund. So, Freelancer don’t want to refund me, nor the employer…and I’ll repeat, contest was GUARANTEED.

    After three days of tickets, emails, complains Freelancer still won’t admit their system failure and their mistake…but I won’t give up just like that. I’ll wait up just a little more and complain, and then if I’m not get refund I’ll try to spread the word about their stealing website everywhere.

    And I’ve just started…

    • If doesn’t refund you or the employer, then where does the money go?!

      If they have so much fraud on their website, then they need to shut their website down until they figure out a way to fix their broken system….starting with the customer support.
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  9. Meanwhile acquires (old name was

  10. yes correct scam company.

    i found another site free one and best services
    you can use this

  11. This motherf*****s owners of are the biggest scams ever. All you wrote happen to me plus they took $10 because I cancel one project. be away from them

    • Seriously. You pay money, but you don’t get anything. Lol..what’s the point of that?! I don’t understand how that website works. I’m still trying to figure it out.

  12. i am Quoting a piece from your post
    “Okay, now I only have $27 in my account, so they expect me to deposit another $3 + fees to meet the $30 minimum withdraw requirements? That SCREAMS scam!”

    LOL if you deposit 3 then you will lose 27+3+deposit fee

    here is how
    you cant deposit and withdraw you can deposit and ask them to refund
    if you ask refund they will refund you 3 and if you chose to withdraw they will stuck your account and treat as money longing is that not funny LOL
    and a side note: your account reflect your deposited and earned as “BALANCE”

  13. Dear sir,
    I too became a victim of i started last 3 months back. I gave 8 projects to different freelancer. I deposited money 100 $ with of my close friend credit card. One day in fine morning i find my account is closed done.
    epartment: General
    Full Name: shanibb
    Your Question: my account is not opening
    Staff: Joyce D.
    22:32 * There are currently 1 chat request(s) before you in the chat queue.
    22:32 * Your Question: my account is not opening
    22:32 * Please wait, an operator will be with you shortly.
    22:32 * There are currently 1 chat request(s) before you in the chat queue.
    22:32 * Your request is important to us. Please wait, an operator will be with you shortly.
    22:32 * There are currently 1 chat request(s) before you in the chat queue.
    22:32 * Your request is important to us. Please wait, an operator will be with you shortly.
    22:33 * You are now chatting with Joyce D. (Email and Chat Support Agent) – General
    22:33 Joyce D.: Hi, my name is Joyce. How may I help you?
    22:33 shanibb: hello joyce
    22:33 shanibb: my account is not opening
    22:33 shanibb: jmksoft is username
    22:33 shanibb: email is is
    22:34 Joyce D.: Have you tried to reset your password?
    22:34 shanibb: yes tried
    22:34 shanibb: even my mile stone are reversed inmy account
    22:35 shanibb: freelance account
    22:35 Joyce D.: have you check your email?
    22:35 shanibb: yes
    22:36 shanibb: my mile stone of 15 usd and 50 usd too cancelled
    22:37 shanibb: why my account is not opening
    22:37 Joyce D.: Did you receive any message regarding your password?
    22:37 shanibb: yes
    22:37 shanibb: for reset new password
    22:37 shanibb: i reste but not opeing
    22:39 shanibb: can you help me out
    22:39 shanibb: r u still with me
    22:40 Joyce D.: Yes I am.
    22:40 Joyce D.: I will manually reset your password.
    22:41 shanibb: Login failure

    jmksoft, your account has been closed.

    If you have further questions, please submit a ticket with our online helpdesk.

    Support Desk
    22:41 Joyce D.: I will be sending you the details to the linked email address in your account.
    22:41 shanibb: but why my account is closed
    22:41 shanibb: its my reputation with freelancer
    22:42 Joyce D.: Sorry for the confusion.
    22:42 Joyce D.: It shows that your account is already closed.
    22:42 shanibb: but why
    22:42 shanibb: yes
    22:42 shanibb: how it is happeend
    22:43 shanibb: send me a manual password
    22:43 shanibb: reset
    22:44 shanibb: hi
    22:46 shanibb: hello
    22:46 Joyce D.: I regret to tell you but we cannot reset your password.
    22:46 shanibb: but why
    22:46 Joyce D.: You cannot access your account because it is already closed.
    22:46 shanibb: what about my money
    22:47 shanibb: what about my project
    22:47 shanibb: projects
    22:48 Joyce D.: If you have further concerns regarding the closure of your account, kindly send us a ticket.
    22:48 shanibb: already i sen dit
    22:48 Joyce D.: We will forward this to the proper department.
    22:48 shanibb: sednit
    22:48 shanibb: But why my account is closed down
    22:48 shanibb: what happeend to my money
    22:49 shanibb: around 75 usd
    22:49 shanibb: can u answer it
    22:51 Joyce D.: I regret to tell you but we cannot answer that in chat.
    22:51 shanibb: but it is 100% unprofessional
    22:51 Joyce D.: There is a proper department who’s handling your issue.
    22:52 shanibb: how and when they will revert back.
    22:52 shanibb: my projects are inbetween
    22:53 shanibb: today i have to give deleveries
    22:53 shanibb: to my clients
    22:54 shanibb: hello joyce
    22:55 shanibb: kindly give me satisfactory answer
    22:55 Joyce D.: I understand your frustrations.
    22:55 shanibb: what i have to do
    22:55 shanibb: So whats the solutions
    22:55 Joyce D.: However, as much as I wanted to help you, there is a proper department assigned regarding your concern.
    22:56 shanibb: How long they will takes to revert back
    22:56 Joyce D.: I strongly suggest that you send us a ticket and wait for the reply of them.
    22:56 shanibb: already i done it
    22:57 shanibb: i am asking how long they will takes time for revert back

    another chat with support ticket

    Thank you for contacting us. This is an automated response confirming the receipt of your ticket. One of our agents will get back to you as soon as possible. For your records, the details of the ticket are listed below. When replying, please make sure that the ticket ID is kept in the subject line to ensure that your replies are tracked appropriately.

    Ticket ID: LIT-558-91627
    Subject: account closure
    Department: Account Suspension and Closure
    Type: Issue
    Status: Open
    Priority: Unset

    You can check the status of or reply to this ticket online at:

    Kind regards,

    when i asked of my money they said double check Ur money in ur money source


    Thank you for contacting customer support.

    We regret to inform you that your account “jmksoft” has been permanently closed by administration. We offer no recourse nor rebuttal for this penalty.

    Note that as stated under Section 3.1 Termination of our Terms & Conditions, “ may terminate the participation of a User if we think that they are creating problems, legal liabilities (actual or potential), infringing someone else’s intellectual property rights, engaging in fraudulent, immoral or illegal activities, or for other similar reasons.”

    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

    Chuck Support


    Ticket Details
    Ticket ID: LIT-558-91627
    Department: Account Suspension and Closure
    Type: Issue
    Status: In Progress
    Priority: Unset

    when i asked for money and i still didnt recevised money

    Hi there,

    Thank you for contacting Support.

    Please double-check on your bank. Your deposited funds has been returned to their funding source.

    Let us know if you need further assistance.

    Ron Support


    Ticket Details
    Ticket ID: LIT-558-91627
    Department: Account Suspension and Closure
    Type: Issue
    Status: In Progress
    Priority: Unset
    it is whole story even i didn’t get my all 8 project completed even i didn’t get my work completed, and even my money i didn’t get back.



  14. Please don’t take this down. recently took over all accounts. Funny thing is, all escrowed funds have now disappeared from my account. I had a horrible experience with when I tried to use them as a worker. When I needed to hire other workers, I knew better than to use Freelancer so I tried They have been wonderful… they even had a phone number and would answer it!!!

    Two days before the takeover I had escrowed $250 to fund a new timecard. Now those funds are gone and shows a $-45.00 because they are still trying to charge me for a job I won but the employer cancelled the job before ever starting. In my experience, they are thieves. They take advantage of poor people. They double charge for work by hitting the employer and the worker for fees. Highly unethical!
    Michael Davis recently posted..What Can 1-800-Pet-Meds Teach Us About Email Marketing?My Profile

    • UPDATE: Eventually they did respond to my support ticket, but not in the three hours they claim. More like 16 hours. By this time, I had actually gotten a better response from whoever runs their Facebook page. I responded to a post with my experiences and, although I think they were delayed because the company is in Australia, that person took action. They released the money, which had been added to what they call a milestone payment, but essentially the same thing as escrow. After doing this, they asked about my negative experience so I explained how I had won a bid as a freelancer, accepted the job, but there was never any job. The employer was not ready to move forward so no work happened, no payment, however insisted I owed them $45 for their 10%, so I had quit using them and went to where, in just this year alone, I had spent over $22, 000 as an employer myself. They then responded by reversing the $45, (which had been taken out of the $250 once it was released) and gave me 24 months of their top paid account level, ($45/mo.).

      Although I appreciate that eventually a human being took action, it’s still too late to convince me to use them. Their fees are still outrageous and I would not want to bring the worker I am using now for an active project into their system given all the complaints from workers.

      One other thing I did get out of them that may help others here… I got a support tech to give up their address, which seems very well hidden from the public.
      Suite 52
      Jones Bay Wharf 26-32 Pirrama Rd
      Pyrmont, New South Wales Australia 2009 ACN 134 845 748
      Michael Davis recently posted..What Can 1-800-Pet-Meds Teach Us About Email Marketing?My Profile

  15. Here’s how you fight back.

    When your funds are low, ie; you have under $5 in the account. Just post jobs that you need one. Ask for samples of the work which almost always include some sort of YouTube or vimeo vid or website address. Contact the freelancer off site and hire them that way!

  16. Yea I was just converted from Vworker, used to be simple no fees for such things as posting work and no stupid things like featured project pay, do this pay, arbitration which should never cost money pay. I wish it never got bought out but now need to search for an alternative. This site just wants to make as much money from both the clients and the workers. I mean craig’s list would probably be better lol.

  17. Let’s all give a negative rating on Web of Trust 🙂

  18. I just joined as an original member of bought and merged the two userbases.

    I’ve been scammed, but as a worker and not an employer. It looks like don’t care which side of the transaction you’re at, they’ll happily scam you anyway.

    I placed a bid on a job. I was offered the job. As soon as you accept the job, take the “introduction fee” of 5% (as an ex vWorker guy, they gave me a “standard” grade membership for a month, which would otherwise cost me £15.95, or ~$25.58 per month) from me, the worker. Odd way to do things, but whatever.

    So let’s just recap, for clarity. I pay them a fee to be on the site (there is a free tier, but it allows you 10 bids per month – hardly sufficient), and then I pay them a fee when I’m awarded a contract…

    So for accepting (not completing, or being paid for) one job, just made $25.58 membership fee + $25.80 “introduction fee” = $51.38 total.

    I then start work, and spend my valuable time on the project, and what happens? The employer stops responding. Guy’s vanished. It’s been 6 days since he last replied to the message, I’ve lost time working on this when I could’ve been working on other things, and I’ve lost $50 (well, $25 considering they gave me a free month).

    With the time spent on the project, I’m down $100+ in lost earnings, and $25 in “introduction fees”.

    I got a reply to a support ticket, and they told me that:

    “Kindly note that if a freelancer’s bid is selected and awarded, there is a project fee that will be charged in your account. Our project fee acts like an introduction fee. It’s our part to introduce the two parties but the project’s success lies only between an Employer and their Freelancer. Note that this fee is non-refundable unless stated otherwise.”

    So basically: “We’ll make money from you however we can, and if we introduce you to a scammer, we’ll take the introduction fee and keep it anyway”.

    Surely, then, it’s in their interest that people sign up, post jobs that the they have no intention of paying for, and let people be awarded the jobs?

    I mean, *in theory* could create fake employers, post fake jobs, charge workers to accept the jobs, then tell them they’re on their own when they get scammed?

    The worker is going to be spending their time on a project, so it’s unfair to expect them to pay for the privilege of accepting the job as well. It’s unfair to expect employers to pay for the fees if the employer is going to scam them. Why not just have it like other sites, and take the fees once the project is successfully completed?

    I know not every employer is like this on because I’ve been awarded two other jobs in my brief time on the site. One went smoothly, and the other is going smoothly. At any time up until you’re actually paid, an employer could stiff you, leaving you with time wasted and out of pocket too.

    If I don’t get any joy from my support ticket at I’ll clear out my account, continue working on oDesk and Elance, and do everything in my power to spread the word on siding with scammers, indeed PROFITING from scammers. I might be one guy, but BOY do I bear a grudge. 😉

    • Gary,
      you are totally right – they are the only service who charge people right after selection, not when you actually get paid (which is fair and clear for any civilised business approach). I also share your ideas about why they have so many fake projects, I do not beleive, that they can do nothing about it, Elance and oDesk don’t have any fake projects at all. So I beleive this is a part of their strategy to create those fake projects, catch some newbies, charge them so called “introduction fees” and never give the real jobs.

      So my advise to all those brave guys outh there, who don’t want to be fooled by charging system – NEVER start doing a job without a project Milestone. Also, be really careful if you are dealing with employer who has zero history – there’s a very high chance you’ll get scammed.

      Good luck and share your knowledge to help other people!

      • Well I’ve been kicking up a fuss on their ticket system, and I think I might get the money refunded. That’s the way the conversation is leaning, anyway.
        There’s no guarantee it won’t happen in future though, and that sucks.

        I could, of course, only go for employers with feedback, but feedback is easy to get. And everyone has to start somewhere. Miss out on work, or risk being scammed? Either way I’m potentially losing money.

        It’s astonishing that they charge monthly fees for both worker and employer, AND charge “introduction fees”, FROM THE WORKER, before the job’s been done. I don’t mind paying the “introduction fee”. I’ll just factor it into bids. I don’t like paying it before I’ve been paid though. The worker stands to lose time and money, and the employer loses nothing.

        Looks like they’re out to screw over as many people as possible, and wash their hands of it as soon as they get their cut. That’s no way to do business.

        In fact, a rival company could setup lots of sockpuppet employer accounts, scam tons of workers out of “introduction fees”, and get a ton of bad publicity. I can’t see any logic in how they do things.

        There’s a lot of work on so it could be a really valuable resource (and since it ate vWorker, I have one less), but I’m not sure that I’ll go back after my current jobs. Perhaps we’re the unlucky, but vocal, few. Perhaps there are plenty more who aren’t complaining about it, but who got scammed. Maybe there are others on foreign-language sites. What’s Hindi for “scam”? 🙂

    • Exactly why I left them two years ago, with a negative $45 balance and when they bought out vWorker and my account was moved over, that $-45 balance was still there. Even though they originally gave me, as an employer now, 9 months free at their $50/mo. level (yeah, they also charge employers to have accounts!?!) and later bumped that to 24 months and supposedly they’ve also given me back the $45, (haven’t gone back to check yet), I would not bring my current worker into their system and would never recommend them.
      Michael Davis recently posted..What Can 1-800-Pet-Meds Teach Us About Email Marketing?My Profile

    • Apparently at an employer can ask for a milestone payment (which is then escrowed) and THEN accept the contract. That’s how they suggest you avoid the problem of employers going AWOL.

      Again this is putting the emphasis on employees to not get scammed. Why not just stop people whose payment methods aren’t verified from posting jobs? Why not just stop people who don’t have enough money in their account to cover the project from posting jobs?

      They just don’t seem to care about the contractors at all. Shady bunch :/

  19. thanks Kent… until I read your post, I was just wondering if anyone else feels they have been fleeced in some kind of new shell game about fees from “”.

    I used vworker for years, and their name was rentacoder before that. In our opinion, since this ah malaysian trumpie snail company {no offense to maylasia nor snails, but that creature is used to bottom feed off the scale casings of other fish) called bought the aforementioned– we, as employers of many from the previous named site, employers who paid on time, who had 10s all the way through and rarely had a problem with any freelancer, and in fact, many of us employers KNOW EACH OTHER, have recommended worker to each other… I find out now, ‘’ wants to charge employers to bottom feed off employers essentially reading their ‘classifieds online’.

    There was no fee for employers before, other than paying those we contracted with. Wont use ‘’ for any job whatsoever now. Will contact all our colleagues and tell them what’s up at, and help them migrate elsewhere. Most of those we have worked with are listed at several sites, and we can find them easily, and have the right to choose where and who to hire and through whom.

    Today they tell me via email, our account shows $25 owed a contractor from TWO YEARS ago that has not been released to the worker. We have not heard a thing about this from ANY worker and we think it may be spurious. wants all our info to supposedly ‘release’ this money to the proper party whom they DO NOT name.

    I am of a mind, since we used the same contractors over and over to write to each contractor, and ask if they in fact are missing $25 dollars along the way, and to send it to them via paypal bypassing this outfit called ‘’ — and to notify our bank and our credit card company that under no circumstances are they to release even a penny to the outfit called or other under ANY name.

    We’ll close our account completely at ‘’ tomorrow. They wrote wanting us to follow some ‘process’ that sounds like they made it up out of thin air. The outfit ought to be called

    The back and forth with their ‘customer service’ to get to the bottom of all this nearly two year non-release of funds– or so they say– I have seen NO PROOF of their claim, is dragged out over the last many weeks. The employees who are answering email are nice enough, but seemingly barely know how to construct a paragraph giving all info the FIRST time around. We have had to pry it out with email after email. Either that or the has told the employees to be opaque and not forthcoming on purpose.

    So, we’ll take our work elsewhere. And if need be, should there be even a whisper of threat from, we’ll deal with it. Didnt have my brush with law school in order to forget what I learned about intellectual property law and digital rights law across all boundaries.

    As mentioned, many of our contractors are listed at other sites, so we’ll bypass They want to make a buck on everyone’s back without doing any work, just having ‘passive income’ as a result of moving into someone else’s fully furnished house? Have at it. They are losing huge share in my opinion by being absurdly greedy. Greed has never inspired trust in business relationships, whether employer or supplier. They coulda been contendahs. But, so be it.

    Thanks again Kent for making the shout out.

  20. also @Michael Davis, right on. Wouldnt want to put any worker or employer into such a company as that seems to be obfuscating re actual fees structures up front (that would have been ace simple to clarify in a chart. Kindergarden simple), some weird form of ‘free’ that is not free, and some seemingly labile system that appears to be be opaque for employers and my bet is, for workers also…

  21. @Gary, youre right and re ‘introduction fees’ makes it sound like, just my .02 opinion, that their OTHER business is mail order brides… and run by same person who is born outside the digital age wherein people meet ALL kinds of people for free for many purposes on the internet every second of every day across the entire world. Sure, charge away for intros. That’s like charging to read an ink on paper newspaper. Oh, that’s right, there are hardly any newspapers left. Why would that be? Oh, news for free and verifiable, ALL over the internet. Right., Well charge for print on paper newspapers anyway. That should take one very very far… to bankruptcy, that is.

  22. I will stop writing in a minute, but reading innocent persons very real complaints here, GALLS me. Not once did I deal with anyone but FINE persons who were workers through vworker/ rentacoder. The people who did the work for us in coding, in text, in facebook, in audio transcription, in all manner of aggregations and helps of many kinds were OUTSTANDING and often kind and funny as well. Many became online friends from across the world, though we’d never met. We knew if they had children, were going to school, what made them laugh, and also how darn hard they worked for us. has im my opinion, destroyed the culture of a very real global community that has peacefully crossed ethnic, religious and racial lines worldwide to help each other. What treasure that could have been had Freelancer highlighted that instead of filching money at every oppty.

    Also, if you feel any online commercial enterprise is faking jobs or ads or offers in order to gain income by charging others to ‘buy in’ before they are engaged in an actual, real and written contract, write a letter to the DOJ (department of Justice here in the USA) and to the Federal Communications Commission (also in USA) and to The Electronic Freedom Foundation, detailing your suspicions/ experiences/ evidences. If any website tricks innocent people out of money by holding out ‘any kind of fake offer/jobs’ for instance that are not truly available with actual solicitor with actual name and address, that is considered fraud and it NOT looked upon lightly in any way shape or form by the Feds nor the States nor the international digital sites watchdog communities, of which there are many. Google is our friend to find those orgs.

    • Hey Kub,

      Great points. I don’t think a lot of people realize that is an Australian company, not a US company. Although perhaps the US organizations might have the ability to exert pressure if they chose to, it would be awesome to know the Australian equivalent to the DOJ and FCC.

      Also, since they work so hard to hide their address, it’s worth posting again…
      Suite 52
      Jones Bay Wharf 26-32 Pirrama Rd
      Pyrmont, New South Wales Australia 2009 ACN 134 845 748
      Michael Davis recently posted..What Can 1-800-Pet-Meds Teach Us About Email Marketing?My Profile

  23. Hello,
    Im so glad I found this post, I feel sane again! I’m a freelance designer, over 10 years experience and I would rate myself as being pretty good. Can I get work through freelance sites, the answer would be NO.

    I pay a fee, bid on everything but never have any luck and seem to loose out to people with hardly any talent or experience. And half the jobs seem to just disappear, which makes me think how many are actually genuine! Its so frustrating when all I want to do is work and earn some money! The site I’m talking about is, has anyone else had a similar problem with this site I wonder.

  24. Thank you for posting this! I found it because I was searching for ways to post a scathing review of myself. I am a freelance voice over talent. During the only job I received on, the employer decided not to pay, and simply leave the site. You see, took money from my account as a “fee” before I was even paid by the employer.

    As a result, for my honest work I ended up PAYING $30 TO FREELANCER.COM, and not even being paid what was promised by the employer. offers no protection (such as escrow, or dispute resolution) for the freelancers on the site, and really don’t even deserve to use the term “freelancer”. I am truly disgusted by this money stealing site!


  25. Try – A new site for American Only Freelancers.

  26. Very bad company, the idea is good but they make it near on impossible to withdraw money, i am still waiting for 4 weeks now to withdraw money, first they tell you you can use a variety of options to withdraw money pay pal, money bookers, express withdrawal to your bank account, but because it’s your fist withdrawal you have to wait two weeks, you wait two weeks then your withdrawal is cancelled because you have usd in your account not aud, then you have to exchange your usd to aud at $.90 aud for every dollar when the current rate is one usd for one aud, then they charge 15 dollar exchange fee.

    Then you put in for a withdrawal again, wait two week, because it’s your first withdrawal, then you withdrawal is rejected again, no reason given, now you find out that because you didn”t earn the money you can’t use any of the options available pay pal, express withdrawal, moneybookers, instead you have to request the money to be reversed into your account that credited, none of this is explained to you, it’s all in the terms and conditions, they love quoting the terms and conditions.

    I’ve then been requested to provide details of when i deposited the money, the amount deposited, the date deposited, the email of the account etc etc, very annoying,

    i have been reading about others problems when withdrawing money and the next step is them suspending the account freezing your funds and asking for a photo of your holding your passport in your name, in hd of course, then they ignore the requests, etc etc

    also anytime you ask a question via sending a ticket you may have to wait anywhere from one to three days to get an answer, then if you do not answer within 24 hours they assume the ticket has been resolved, then you have to make another ticket.

    thats just one of the problems i had with freelancer, there are many more i had with their website/system. not happy avoid, you will be happy.

  27. Hi everybody, I’m a freelancer victim as well. I’m an illustrator, worked about a year with freelancer, won MANY contests and some good projects, had no problems at all, all money was in my bank account in time UNTIL YESTERDAY! I won’t say more. Just read my conversation with help desk. It’s hilarious!

    21:45Monica P.: Hi, this is Monica. How can I help you?
    21:46ME: Hi Monica, my account was charged with a reversal of awarded prize on a contest !
    21:47Monica P.: Can I have your username?
    21:47ME: xxx
    21:49Monica P.: Thank you for providing that information. I will be checking your account. Please hold on.
    21:49ME: Ok
    21:52Monica P.: Kindly give me more time to check your account. Hold on.
    21:53ME: Ok!
    21:55Monica P.: Thank you for waiting.
    21:55Monica P.: Can I have the contest ID?
    21:56ME: Yes, hold on please.
    21:56Monica P.: Thank you for waiting.
    21:57ME: “Illustration Design for Staff Pencil Drawings” created by xxx
    21:59Monica P.: Thank you for providing that information. I will be checking your account again. Please hold on.
    21:59ME: Ok!
    22:00Monica P.: Thank you for waiting.
    22:02Monica P.: Your account shows that the prize money of $ 190 USD on the contest “Illustration Design for Staff Pencil Drawings (ID xxx)” was returned to your employer, xxx’ account because they are currently facing an account issue.
    22:03ME: What does that mean?
    22:03Monica P.: We have no option but to reverse the payment that they have made.
    22:03Monica P.: Your contest holder has an account issue with us that they need to settle first.
    22:03ME: Why? What do you mean? They have a problem and you take my money????
    22:03Monica P.: The funds will become available again once the issue is settled.
    22:04ME: Please explain to me how I’m involved to their problem.
    22:05Monica P.: As previously mentioned, we have no option but to return your contest holder’s funds until they settle their account issue.
    22:05Monica P.: At this point, we highly encourage you to keep communicating with your contest holder to inform them about your concern and their account issue.
    22:06ME: Please explain to me what kind of problem they have and why dio I have to pay for that!
    22:06Monica P.: I am unable to disclose further information about this matter to preserve the security and privacy of the other party.
    22:07Monica P.: As mentioned in my previous response, I am unable to disclose further information about this matter to preserve the security and privacy of the other party.
    22:07ME: Why do I suspect that you just took my money?
    22:07Monica P.: Your contest holder is currently coordinating with the proper department to settle their account issue.
    22:08Monica P.: Rest assured that your funds will be returned to your account once they have already settled their account issue.
    22:08ME: Look, Monica, I’m not an idiot! I want you to explain to me WHY don’t you solve your problem with his account without taking my money! This is crazy!!!
    22:10Monica P.: We have to return their payments made to undergo in a validation process and we have no option but to return your fudns from them.
    22:10Monica P.: Your understanding on this matter will be much appreciated.
    22:11ME: Are you a robot? Don’t you understand what I’m asking? I don’t want your appreciation, I want my money!
    22:12Monica P.: As already mentioned, your earned funds will be returned to your account after your employer has settled their account issue.
    22:12ME: Ok. If the problem is not settled?
    22:13Monica P.: Your employer is currently coordinating with the proper department to settle their account issue.]
    22:13ME: How much do I have to wait?
    22:13Monica P.: If they fail to settle it, it is possible that your funds will remain to their account.
    22:14ME: Do you find this fair or logic? I’m sorry but I still believe that freelancer just stole my money.
    22:14Monica P.: I cannot give you an exact time frame because the proper department handling this kind of concern has their own proceedings.
    22:15ME: Do you find this fair or logic? I’m sorry but I still believe that freelancer just stole my money.
    22:17Monica P.: does not steal your money because those funds were on your employer’s account.
    22:17Monica P.: It is our protocol to return funds to the sender if they have an account issue that they need to settle.
    22:18ME: How is that possible since I was paid and I withdrew this amount to my paypal account?
    22:19ME: If this is your protocol, return YOUR money to the sender, not mine!
    22:21Monica P.: Your earned funds were from your employer who has an account issue with us; therefore, we have to put on on their funds and transactions temporarily.
    22:22ME: Do you think that I’m stupid?
    22:24Monica P.: Please do understand that we have to do that to ensure that all transactions are legitimate.
    22:25Monica P.: Meanwhile, kindly contact your employer about your concern.
    22:25Monica P.: Is there anything else I can help you with?
    22:26ME: I understand all these. What I don’t understand is why do I have to pay for other peoples’ mistakes or problems. If my employer is not legitimate, go after him. Not after me!!!
    22:31Monica P.: We have no option but to return your earned funds from them, and they will be returned once they have already settled their account issue.
    22:34ME: You’ve told me that about 10 times. It would be more honest from your part to accept that you’re stealing users’ money. I’m sorry but this is what you make me believe.
    22:34Monica P.: Again, we do not steal any funds of our users and we have no privilege to do that.
    22:35Monica P.: Your funds are only returned your employer’s account and will be available again after the settlement of their account issue.
    22:37ME: Again, appcreators has a problem with his account and you return to him my money! If you return money to someone that means that you owe him money. So you should return him YOUR money, not mine!
    22:38Monica P.: I’m sorry, but I have to end this chat with you as you’re refusing to follow the rules which have been explained to you. Please feel free to email if you’d like to discuss this matter further.

  28. UPDATE!!!

    I finally got my money back after two days. I contacted my employer and he verified that indeed, his account had a problem. I still don’t understand why they had to withdraw money from my balance for that reason but anyway, I got it back. So, I really don’t know what to suggest about them…

  29. got scammed by an employer on freelancer and OF COURSE there is nothing they could do about it because I didn’t follow some complicated milestone procedure which isn’t even described in their help center (it’s described ON THE BLOG INSTEAD). freelancer admins don’t care about spammers and scammers, to hell with them.

    • Yea, I noticed that there’s not that much protection for the employers or the freelancers. I think Freelancer just connects the 2 people together, and whatever happens after that is out of their hands. Hah! The reason I say this is because whenever you contact customer support, they turn around and tell you to contact the employer and/or the Freelancer you hired.

  30. Freelancer.Com is still a VERY dubious company with VERY illegal, illegitimate scam in history. They have so many hidden charges and fees. If you post a contest and nobody gives you an acceptable design that you can use, you cannot get your money back! That’s totally absurd and they have very dirty business practices. I really hate losing money this way.
    I wish I’d read this earlier.


  32. i’m so glad i found this site, verifying the gut feeling i’ve increasingly had about this company. i haven’t lost any money to them yet (technically — i’ve spent lots of time building up my profile, and time = money), but their customer service is HORRIBLE. i’m deleting my account right away. is there any recommendations for an alternative service for freelance designers that is ETHICAL and worthwhile? thanks.

    • I havent had any problems with Elance. Some other people in the comments have different suggestions too. There are so many sites that offer the same service with better customer support.

  33. They acquire vWorker which I was a long time freelancer and never had a problem.

    I still have some money in my vWorker account. One month after the acquisition is complete, they cut $24+ of my money for a “standard membership” fee, which I never subscribed to, and never had any notifications about.

    Those bastards.

    I am now trying to withdraw what’s left, and will never use them again.

  34. A few days ago, I was selected for a project and I completed the project successfully, then employer release my payment and give my 5 out 5 ratings as well.

    But after one week of project completion. reversed all the payments, done by the employer, and said that client has payment problems so we reversed the payments.

    What the scam money laundring by this company who claims to be a top freelance network of the world, I don’t believe this.

    Now me too recommend elance.

  35. I was one of the unfortunate workers who didnt choose but was thrown into it after the vWorker buyout.

    I was happy with vWorker and a long term client with regular contract meant i was living the dream and things were smooth.

    After we were forced into freelancer they forced my client to pay (not escrow) a full work week but my client was cool with that and wrote it off to be a glitch from merger.

    So i clocked in hours after accutime was dumbed down and my client helped me to generate an invoice. All seemed good but then takes over 30% of my pay stating that it was a combined charge of the glitch payment and my current pay period. They said because i was with vWorker i could only have a standard membership for one math and was reduced to a free membership.

    Okay, whatever – I submit the request to withdrawal – frustrated but i still have bills to pay. I check my account the day before my funds are to be processed and my dashboard says insufficient funds to withdraw.. I check my balance and its $24.95 less – then the amount i requested.. I contact support and they tell me my standard membership was “auto-renewed” (i thought i had a free membership and that’s why I got charged 10% from two payments?) – then they tell me i have to cancel my request and submit a new withdrawal request which will put payment at two weeks from completing work “due to holidays”

    Support doesn’t care and don’t pretend to care. I went from $550 payment to $474 and that’s if they don’t take anymore – i have bills to pay and they play games with my money. I adore my client and i don’t cheat him – i work when on the clock and always give 110% and he had always supported me.

    But has turned what was once a smooth and awesome process that my client and i had with vWorker into a nightmare.. Freelancer is affecting my life and don’t reflect an ounce of trying to do whats right..

    After reading other horror stories and comments i realize misleads the public – they don’t care about connecting clients to workers or promoting a virtual office as a new employment model. They don’t care if projects get done or if workers get paid.. They just want to steal money any which way they can and thats why support disregards any issue related to actual freelance work..

    i am going to elance – they are sweet, truly legitimate and have a real phone number.. I miss vWorker but at least Elance actually cares about the clients, workers, projects, and just common sense integrity.

    I feel as though is doing everything they can to punish vWorker migrants by raping them where it hurts – finances.

    I don’t see how anything they do is legal – they sneak fees in, delay your payments, and basically shrug whenever it comes to doing right by you whether you are client or worker..

    It wasn’t my choice to be with and i am not an enemy of change.. But is a terrible business model and has effectively killed all the good vWorker did while it was operational..

    Please tell anyone and everyone to quit using only united and in mass numbers can we significantly impact’s model – spread the word like wildfire.. BOYCOTT FREELANCER.COM

    I’m paying tribute to in my URL – i hope they never sell
    Wiz C. recently posted..New Year, New Tips For Success On Elance.My Profile

  36. They’re a scam. Period. They had made an unauthorized charge to my account, and expected me to be cool with it. Disputed via paypal and on their site, and had them delete my account on I will not be dealing with this company anytime within the forseeable future. I recommend that everyone stay away from this company at all costs.

    • Same here. They stole $2.80 from my Paypal account + 12% fees immediately after my first bid was awarded to me. I complained several times. Nothing helped. They refused to refund. I had to cancel my billing agreement with Paypal.

      However, I used their cusyomer service board to contract with them. I stated: Fine. It’s only $3.34. I don’t care. Therefore, by refusing to refund, you agree that every time I will talk about in the public, the word “thief or thieves” will figure in the same sentence. This was never rebutted.

  37. I would like to point it out that their exams also charging people money (USD$5 each), whereas tests in oDesk are totally free.

    • I had several credits, more than 20,000 as I was a vWorker top coder. I spent 200 credits to buy a widget giving right to a free exam. Then I took the free exam. Guess what: They stole me $5 regardless. My complaint to their phony customer service solve ansolutely nothing. A total waste of my time.

  38. This is not a post for a job but more for the criminal activities by DREAMZ MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS.
    I hired these inexperienced and unreliable people to add product attributes and pricing to an existing 150 products. Amir ( promised they would be able to do this in a timely fashion which was not the case, they have no clue how JOOMLA/VIRTUEMART works and stalled the project for a long period of time and came up with excuses each time I contacted him.
    The initial payment was supposed to be 100$, he changed a few descriptions so I offered to give him 25$ which in my opinion was fair. I told him I was going to hire a reliable, professional competent programmer. I got no response. It went into dispute today and 10 mins later he accepted my disputed offer. I thought that both sides would be happy with the outcome.
    This is where these imbeciles start their CRIMINAL ACTIVITY. He logged on my server and deleted all 150 products from my website; they never entered these products it was done by someone else. I have a backup but just come to show how these low life’s can destroy an honest community by doing these things… This confirmed my first intuition with these people from the beginning, they are scumbags.
    I felt a need to warn other people about these clowns.

  39. It’s actually amazing how many of these sites you come across, and like most people on here I to have had issues with Freelancer (namely their numerous and exorbitant fees) and I would never have joined if Scriptlance wasn’t bought out by them.

    If you guys are sick and tired of current outsourcing communities like then get involved at to help build a marketplace that freelancers and buyers actually want to use.

    We are currently in the development stage but we would like to here your ideas now on your ideal marketplace.
    Kwikode recently posted..Hello world!My Profile

  40. is a complete scam, the support sucks, I am sure it’s mostly automated, they can’t help you in anything. They steal money constantly with fees. Too bad they bought vWorker, I was happy, now I am trapped in this crap with all my feedback.

  41. I was a very prolific top coded at vWorker. I did not even have to search for bids, the employers send me their offers.

    The first bid that I accepted on, the employer vanished after having paid only $30 from $55 due. That is to say, once the program worked, he disappeared. After 3 weeks without news from the employer I complained and they answered me that it was not their problem.

    The second bid, I managed to get $30 from $70. The employer was adding non-stop things to do, took days to respond. Same approach: complaint followed by an arrogant response as what things would settle on its same given that we were communicating via their email. The last message from that employer 10 days old! For a one day project!

    I was sure that something was amiss. After 5 different complaints, all five answers as irrelevant each other, I decided to close my account for good and start from zero elsewhere. It had become obvious that the sole purpose of customer service is to contradict the user and make maximum profits on his back. In short, no possibility of improvement. Ever.

    So I opened a ticket asking them to close my account immediately. They refused claiming that I had $18 in their claim in milestone, that I had to cancel the claim that they can close the account. I told them to do as they are used and to steal the $18. Note here that this is a contract offer.

    After 24 hours of repeated exchanges of emails, they finally canceled the claim of $18, keeping it for themselves which is unjust enrichment and theft as they accepted the contract and closed the account. Finally.

    VWorker former users, particularly those who had an excellent reputation, do yourself a favor and close your account at There is no possibility that you make money with them. You will even lose some. Possibly a lot.

    In less than one month, I have built my full profile, which takes a long time, has answered hundreds of offers, worked on two, was stolen by the company and the two employers, and closed my account.

    Even their blog sounds false: No negative comment. Not a single one. All commenters are in ecstasy or in awe contemplating such or such banality they invented to make us spend more money.

  42. I got totlally ripped. 30.00 bucks .A bonus i was tyring to pay my wokrer.The money is sititng in freelancers account .I forwarded to them fhrough paypal.They never put it into my account.Intsead they created a false negative record of 30.00 so i have a negative balance..A total scam.every time I complained and asked for my money they created a false tranasction.. they released a milestone i didnt authorise, literally and manually wrote a negative balance,I wasted 8 horus wiht cosutmer service and tfinlyl wrotwe ot them tellign them they were totlal rooks and i wihs i ahd seen this site sooner,.It si accounting fraud waht they are doing.

  43. i got totally rippedoff by them. 30 bucks. STOLEN through accounting fraud literally.Ifter 8 hours i toldd them they were crooks and accounting fraud. they stole my money lieteralyl and i enver got it back.I wanted to pay my worker a 30.00 bonus,i put it in thrugh paypal.It went into the freelancer account and NEVER went into mine.When i complained and asked for my money they created false record, relased milestone payment without my auhtorization,changed the tranastion statment, and get this MANUALLY gave me a 30.00 negative scam.Total acocunting fraud.tnhey should be shut donw.they are criminals and i wsted a day.I wihs i ahd seen this site sooner.

  44. PS;Paypal confirmed the money was sitting in the freelancer account at paypal. it was envrer forwarded to ym acocunt. Freelancer litterally stole my money then created false records ,in front of my very eyes,to cover their tracks. and lied ot my bonus worker.I ahve full details.Total crooks

  45. adrian higgsJanuary 13, 2013 Hi max can you comment on the following please? Is suspending accounts common place in freelancer and what reasons do you suspend accounts? What about taking payments out of paypal accounts without verification?
    Do i have to send you photos of my passport and bills and photos of me holding such things to be enabled to withdraw money. Why is the site so slow and buggy?
    How come when i change 500 dollars from usd into aud and back to usd am i left with $430 dollars? Is it true that you take 10% of the money earnt from the employee and 5% from the employer?

  46. I am not sure what to think of

    I am an employer who has posted a handful of projects recently. Every project attracts 10s and 10s or bids, it’s overwhelming. I never know who to choose or if I should even choose any of them!

    Are the freelancers’ accounts real, by and large? Why do so many of them have near flawless ratings and reviews even if they’ve done 500+ projects? Why when I click on some of the reviewers’ (i.e. previous employers of said freelancers) names and I click on ‘Employer Profile’, it says there is no information for the employer profile. Surely if they’ve written reviews on the freelancers’ pages, it means they’ve posted projects in the past. Surely the Employer Profile would contain details about projects previously posted????


    • suggest “Egg” you not worry about all that. Just leave and go to Elancer or other reliable and honest sources. in my opinion, is doomed. Dont throw good money or good time after bad.

    • Hi Egg,

      Some are honest and competent. However if they are intelligent, they will eventually go away from sooner or later. Forever. Particularly fast if they come from vWorker.

      Some are without the shadow of a doubdt crooks, thieves, etc. Once they get some money from you, they’d flee away with the money, never to be seen again.

      Lastly, once you give money away, either to a coder or to, you can bet your last dollar that you’ll never see that money again.

      Do yourself a favor and close your account. Tell all your relations to do the same. Sooner or later you’ll get deceived, stolen, lied to. I’m sure you get the picture by now.

      Good luck.

  47. Thanks for the advice. Is elance actually good then? I really need help with finding a competent, knowledgeable search engine optimization and online marketing specialst to outsource a project to ASAP!

    Any ideas where I should look for that?


  48. We have 3 threads in this website relating to problems with Now Matt is saying he cannot make a comment here. He and that company need to be stopped from scamming people.

  49. That line saying he can’t comment is here:

    Makes no difference, he and his people are well known to avoid the truth.

  50. FRAUD!!

    I’ve been charged for 100$ just for winning a project where a client never shown, there were no any warnings or me being agree with this condition, sure they do have agreement according to which they actions are legit, but it just unfair! Also they said that they could help to resolve any issue but in fact they stay aside saying that they just introduce you to employer and they don’t care what happened next, it’s their’s official policy:

    Project fees are non-refundable whether a project is complete, incomplete, cancelled or re voked. This serves as the introduction fee for the employer and the freelancer. It is likewise for the purpose that contact details would be allowed to be given by both parties immediately. Our role as an online venue is already fulfilled when the the employer and freelancer meet, agree on and work on a project.

    Note that is an online venue for employers and freelancers to meet and work on a project. What will happen upon acceptance of the project is beyond our scope of support neither do we get involved in the transactions and interactions between employers and freelancers. It’s our part to introduce the two parties but the project’s success still lies only between the employer and freelancer.

  51. Well done, guys. is a scam run by crooks — just look at a picture of their CEO to see what an obvious piece of guido he is. Is anybody up for setting up a class action suit against them?
    I can probably find a lawyer to do this, if you’re interested my twitter is @formerfreelance .

  52. according to we only need 7 people to get a suit started against freelancer in their jurisdiction… let’s get going

  53. I also have had the same experience with They really are nothing but SCAM.
    I’d recommend you all the best of Freelancing Websites for outsource your works i.e.

    These are much trustworthy sources for outsourcing.

    thanks & regards,

  54. another freelancer saga story. I had a friend of mine who i owed money too, he had a freelancer account, i hadn’t made a withdrawal yet so had to wait two weeks to get my money out i thought we would create a project and he complete it thus allowing the money to be transferred to him. Next thing i know freelancer has suspended his account, he had to provide a high def photo of his passport and him holding his passport and a freelancer code, he said if they have a problem then just put the money back into my account, so they put the money back into my account, froze my account made me do the passport, code bill thing, so i did that, then still wasn’t good enough, still more questions, have been trying to get this money out of my account for three months now, it’s beyond a joke. This company is criminal.

  55., in its sole discretion, may place a hold on any or all of the payments you receive when believes there may be a high level of risk associated with you, your Account, or any or all of your transactions. If places a hold on any or all of the payments you receive, you will be provided with notice of our actions and the way in which to resolve the issue. If you are involved in a dispute, in certain circumstances may place a temporary hold on the funds in your account to cover the amount of any potential liability. If the dispute is resolved in your favour, Freelancer. com will lift the temporary hold. If you lose the dispute, may remove the funds from your Account. may remove the funds from your account? to where their account? this company will try and find any reason for banning your account and conviently putting money into their coffers, they are criminals, DO NOT RISK putting money into their website.

  56. Today I had my first project on But what a horrific experience. The designer I hired was super but this company….Yak!
    Got free membership I didn’t ask for….what took me time to undo that….
    They took more of my paypal account then neccessary….
    I never gonna use them again….its a pitty for the freelancers that most of the time done a good job….

  57. Great post! you are doing justice. They are real criminals.

    I have to say that I am finding it hard to believe and accept the level of customer service provides. It is unreal, outrage and does not make any sense to me. As you said – They are truly crooks and scammers and all they care about is charging as much fees as possible, without even daring to think about providing any value or make justice. They will punish you for every single innocent mistake you will make on their poor coded website, and when something goes wrong they will read you the terms as you are in court, trying to defend their scams. Not as you were asking for simple, real customer service. You will simply find yourself paying fees and have no one to talk to in case something is going wrong even if it is purely not your fault, you will still pay for nothing. They simply DO NOT CARE about their paying customers. Their simple pure goal is to take your money. PERIOD. end of the story here.

    To sum my experience with them the past year as a Freelancer:

    – Bad coding to the website, almost like a child build this website and has no idea how a professional platform should work.

    – Bad attitude and language in automatic emails (trying to push sales as hard as they can, almost in a sick, unprofessional, childish way)

    – Worst customer service agents in the PLANET – I guarantee you that.

    – Problems withdrawing money – can take forever and sometimes having problems (they will not notify you if your withdrawal was canceled, you will have to find out yourself after waiting and wondering why the money is not going through as planned? of course, they want to delay the withdraw with as many scam ways as they can)

    – Even a simple request as changing a project deadline involves in so much energy wasting, as they were doing you a favor that they even respond to you, and accusing you for sending more than 1 support ticket, since their system is literally amature.

    Guys, in the name of justice, please stay away from this EVIL company. I am really hoping people will realize that and do something about it. This is no way of doing business, unfortunately, I will have to keep working with them, as I already build my profile and it still provides me a way to get clients, as sad as it sounds, but something has to be done about the fact this evil company exists and operates.

    I am now focusing more on – great platform, great service, real professionals who are here to provide value, before taking your money.

  58. Hi

    I was scammed of $ 14,000 by I want to take revenge from this scam site. Please help me. I have given link to entire issue below.

    Please help.

    Thank You

  59. If you guys are sick and tired of current outsourcing communities like then get involved at to help build a marketplace that freelancers and buyers actually want to use.

    We are currently in the development stage but we would like to here your ideas now on your ideal marketplace. Come join us!

    • well ya…anything besides That company is fraudulent, and they don’t even care. I wonder if the real owners of Freelancer knows anything about this.

      I’m going to get in contact with them and find out. And not Matt Barrie, because he’s not the real owner.

  60. I listed a job, only to get scammed by the freelancer. Upon winning my arbitration (which I had to gamble $5 on winning) I tried to withdraw the money I had deposited, so I could run away from this website as fast as possible. Once I completed their hoops, I get a message saying they delay the first withdrawl by around a month. The reason given, “security reasons”. They have never had any “security issues” debiting the EXACT SAME PAYPAL AVCCOUNT I was requesting the amount be put back to! I opened a ticket, only to get this “10-year old’s” response:

    Hi there,

    Thank you for contacting Support.

    You may only withdraw earned funds. Deposited funds are subject for a refund back to its original funding source. I have forwarded your concern to the proper department for refunds.

    Should you have further concerns, please contact us again.

    Justin C. Support

    What does “Deposited funds are subject for a refund back to its original funding source.” even mean!?

    They just crossed 7,000,000 users, according to their landing page. I would guess that not many are “active” users anymore, considering the experiences we’ve all had.

    • It sounds like they may give you a refund. But they are giving you a disclaimer that the funds will only be refunded back to the same source which is your paypal account.

      I guess some people make deposits with one account, and then request a refund to a different pay pal account. Im just guessing, I have no idea. Tell me if you get your money back.

  61. Freelancer just recently decided to “upgrade” me from my previously free account to a paid one. I did not notice this until it sucked the remaining money out of my account which I was unable to withdraw from the company. I was saving it up to do one final freelancer transaction when I needed some more art work given I could not withdraw it. I no longer wanted to use this piece of shit company because of it’s crap policies that protect scammer freelancers. I’ve been scammed by piece of shit coders from there and freelancer does nothing about it. So after arguing with their useless and borderline retarded support staff about being scammed, I decided that with the remaining money in my account I would try to find one last freelancer to provide some service and then never use their service again. Well they juiced the account by “upgrading” me to a “paid” monthly account.

    Here’s the stupid retarded reason they gave me

    *take note, I was employer status, which is FREE as stated on their website since 2009*


    Thank you for contacting Support.

    The PayPal Billing Agreement was activated on your account after your trial Basic membership plan has expired. It has been implemented so depositing funds using Paypal becomes a one-step process which can be completed on the Freelancer site. It is a convenient way for users that wish to purchase any upgrades but do not have available funds yet.

    The trial Basic membership plan was given last year for former vWorker users so you can experience the benefits of using such an account upgrade. You can confirm your transactions at this link:

    Our records show that your account became limited after filing a dispute with PayPal. To have the limit lifted from your account, please complete all the requirements indicated on the Verification Center, and give the proper department enough time to process your issue.

    For your convenience, the link to the Verification Center is:

    Don’t hesitate to contact us again should you need further assistance, our Support team is available 24/7.

    Nathan Support


    Ticket Details
    Ticket ID: AGF-821-90341
    Department: Billing
    Type: Issue
    Status: In Progress
    Priority: Unset

    Support Center:

  62. I felt being scammed by Freelancer many times since starting using this website in 2011. Many unknown fees were charged without my consent., but I still keep using it because I don’t know where else to get freelancers. Today I found out there were more unknown refundable project fees charged since 2011 were not refunded yet! I didn’t even know they exist because the projects were never rewarded to any freelancer, so I really had no idea where the charges came from, and it says refundable but I didn’t see any refund since 2011. I am so pissed off! I would stay away from it if I could.

  63. Absolutely agree with all people above- i got same problems- never get quality service from outsoursers-or scammers or you can find trickers there. Never get money back as requested and my $100 was stolen (paypal confirm that- i never get those money but they disappear from my freelancer account and shown like sent to paypal- i got official paypal email that they have’t found transaction with such number from freelancer),next- got 0 from $96 because i’m not loged in on site in during 1 year, got hidden fee for membership that i never order. Why paypal who suspended thousands of other business accounts owners for nothing still work with absolutely criminal company? How is that possible that they stole money? I understand- i’m far away from Aus and i’m live in Eastern Europe but why ppl who live in usa eu au don’t go to arbitrage?

  64. Hi
    I do agree with what you guys say, I do get ripped of by every once in a while not by the company itself rather by employers and the companies incompetent dispute/arbitration system which is like a 3rd world corrupt court.
    I do make 1K USD a month on average from that site, and I am ranked in the top 800 users out of those 7000000 users they do claim to have.
    Given that a small single man show like myself is ranked in the 800s and that I dont find that many new jobs to bid on, the site is going down.

  65. Exact same experiences here. Random account suspension, random cancellations of paypal withdrawl attempts – what a nightmare. Stay clear.

  66. I dont think it is scam but you should be carefully while doing something. Like dont signup for trials they have problems with cancelling it or dont take exams before reading the description. Thanks

  67. Freelancer sucks. I’ve been bidding on projects for over a month now and haven’t been hired for one job. They seem to prefer hiring Asians instead of native English speakers such as myself. The thing is I need to complete a project so I can meet the minimum threshold for a withdrawal. Am I the only one who thinks $30 is way too high for a minimum withdrawal?

  68. Hi,
    scam and sharks
    I spent there more than three months I could not get a single job.

    Most of the jobs are fictitious, projects are cancelled, closed and disappear. Also I saw very suspicious responses from employers, very good English for the advert and later horrible English spelling in the PMB; it is not possible for the same person, and finally projects are closed.

    That is the reason they need to get money from contractors, via testing skills and membership upgrade, because projects are not real so they do not get 10% of them.

    The few real projects, if they exist at all, are taking from people with reputation, if you are new there is no chance at all to get a contract,never ever, so people find friends to contract themselves and get reputation.

    Also they cheat you when selecting the skills, they are really mean, If you do not choose all the skills you can at first, then later you are limited and cannot add more skills until next month, unless you pay, of course.
    And when you sign they hide information, you do not know their commission, rules,.., nothing. And you have to get their spam mail every day, no opt-out option.

    The worst is the time you waste, not just the money.
    Really trust me, stay away from them, as far as possible.


  69. I have been scammed by them too! I didn’t authorize an additional third payment that accidentally happened – $931 CAD and they “refunded” me only $566 USD. Stay away from these criminals. I have cancelled the payment through paypal, waiting for confirmation.

  70. Hi,

    I have used to have someone do a graphic design project for me which was good, BUT, I went to delete the project, and it’s charging me $5.00 to delete the project???

    WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? To delete a project it is costing me?? Unreal I will tell you that much! Anyway, can someone confirm if I have other projects from the past there were not completed for what ever reason am I getting charged for those to exist? And also, is the $5.00 coming just from the escrow account or directly from my paypal account? Cause my escrow account on is $0.00 so they can’t touch me there, but will it come from my actual bank tied to my paypal account?

    • As you said: if your PayPal or credit card is tied to account… be prepared for surprises. Recommending to cancel the link. If you see a charge and feel it was unjustified, just contact PayPal and/or your bank. Tell them about the situation and claim the refund.

      (For all the people who say that some 5 bucks is not a big deal: of course it is not. But pull such trick on 1,000 or 100,000 unsuspecting suckers… that’s what salami slicing is.)
      Chaim S. recently posted..SOMETHING IS ROTTEN IN THE STATE OF FREELANCER.COMMy Profile

  71. Ok….
    So I decide what the hell, let’s give it a try and see what’s up!
    I sign up, etc…I decide to take the US English test, therefore I pay the 5$ for it….
    Great, it says 40 questions, blah blah blah
    No problem, even asked my husband, who is one of the smartest guys I know (lol, I know, but he actually is) to stay with me and make sure I don’t waste those 5 bucks….
    Anyway, I take the test, there were couple of questions which I would have probably get them wrong if it wasnt for him, since this is not my mother tongue and I do speak other 4 more languages, trust me, sometimes you have like a cocktail up there in you brain :-)….anyway, answered all questions, which with all modesty but there were kindergarden questions, in the time limit, actually a lot sooner than that….
    Clicked on show results….guess what?
    I was like, what the hell??? failed with 73% which would be 10.8 answers wrong
    Ok….first of all, couldn’t have done wrong 10 stupid questions, in no way in hell…I know I am not the best, but no way those retarted questions could have been wrong….10 of them? huh
    Second….how can 10.8 questions can be wrong? I mean…10 maybe, or 11 but 10.8? huh
    10 questions would be 25% and 11 27.5%…. anyway….
    And they won’t even tell you here you did wrong…I mean….Really?
    Anyway, decided to use my other 5$ from the account for taking the test again….since you can only deposit a min. of 10$ haaaaaa
    Guess what? did 98% on this one…..I mean….Really???

  72. From my direct experience, is a big scam. They are leading experts in money extortion. I advise employers and freelancers to keep away from this dodgy fraudulent business.

  73. the scam facebook page, liku us and help to get the word out:

  74. Hi

    I am The Eccentric Blogger who has been recently publicly pummeled by on their blog. I am sure some of you know me from the link

    I have recently published a form for registration of all those freelancers and employers who would like to report the misdeeds of this scam website to Interpol or would like to participate in a class action litigation against them.

    Please follow the link below and provide the necessary details:-

    It is not only our choice but our duty as well to ensure that the scam which has hurt so many of us should not hurt others as well.

    Best Regards
    The Eccentric Blogger

  75. Hi everyone,
    We have created a community group on facebook to form a front against freelancer. One of the members is actually planning to start a class action (law) suit against them. Another person started a petition at in the hope she can stop this fraud. Join our facebook page an get the latest news about the scams and what people are doing to stop it. But most important how you can help us to make an end of this amazingly sophisticated fraud company that seems to get away with all of these things they do to freelancer and employers.
    Join our community page on facebook: scam

  76. Thank you, I have recently been searching for info about this subject for a while and yours is the best I have came upon so far. But, what in regards to the conclusion? Are you sure about the supply?

  77. Hello everyone,

    I have read almost every comment posted in here and I found out that the site has a really bad reputation for its bad actions against we buyers/sellers. I’m a freelancer who will be withdrawing some amount of $200 off and I’m afraid that the people behind will put up a dirty act against my soon-to-be withdrew funds. I have a Credit Card there but it isn’t included in the Withdrawal Method(I’m thinking of registering a PayPal account and register it there, but it looks risky as I see a lot of people get scammed when they want to withdraw funds). Can anyone suggest/recommend me any way in order to prevent all this process to go smoothly?


  78. Hiya very nice blog!! Guy .. Beautiful .. Superb .. I’ll bookmark your site and take the feeds also?I’m happy to seek out a lot of useful info right here in the post, we want work out extra strategies on this regard, thank you for sharing.

  79. luck to find this article before I start with them. At first I guess this company is a good one (according to the lot of member they have / claim), but after reading a lot of this neg rep, well I guess I just have to stay away from them. Thank you for this awareness.

  80. Someone that worked at put our account in verification I had about 600 in total escrow so I was basically pinned down cuz I needed to pay the contractor to make my client job get done so I have freelancer all info ssn birth certificate everything bank info and wow that’s pretty much when my life started tanking the customer service rep got into our company server and started extorting me and our clients the hackers got into our merchant account and started refunding customers their money he’s tried to open 10 to 15 banks across the us in my name and 3 to 4 loans , he deleted our company server and Database they have a team a Pakistan ppl here in usa and Pakistan I have his IP address when they took over my that’s how I know it was someone that’s works there. Anything you can imagine has happened freelancer .com will go down has the most insecure website on the planet buyer beware. But they do have good contractors just the customer service are crooks.