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How Google Adwords Work Pt.3

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This is a continuation of those previous articles…

Okay, so once you’re done creating your campaign, you save it and continue to the next tab where you create your Ad and Keywords. In this section you create your Headline, Description Line, Display URL, and Destination URL.

There reason there is 2 sections for a URL is because if you participate in affiliate marketing, (Sell other peoples products for a commission) the company your selling for will give you a long unsightly URL like

You do not want to display a URL like that when you are running a Pay Per Click campaign. I recommend spending a couple bucks to buy a more attractive domain name to serve as your Display URL, and then you can set that domain to redirect or forward customers to your Destination URL.

There is also a “help me write a great text ad” option available that will give some really good pointers. Make sure you review that section carefully before you create your ad. It will show you how to optimize your Adwords campaign based on these different categories:

  1. Creating enticing ads
  2. Why you should include price in your ad
  3. How to use a strong call-to-action
  4. Why you should include keywords in your ad text
  5. How to choose the best destination URL
  6. How to text multiple ads

There’s also a 22 minute video you called “Adwords Online Classroom.” Be sure to check that out as well. Read and learn as much as you can before you get started with your PPC campaign. The more you learn in advance, the better chance you will have at success.

Next, you select your keywords list. They have a link in that particular section that will take you to an area with will teach you basic keyword tips along with another training video. You must review all this information carefully as this is the most important section of your pay per click campaign. Once you enter your keywords, Adwords will show you a list of potential websites that your ad will be placed on. There is another section that will even allow you to pick which websites your ads will run on if you want a more customized experience.

I recommend going to Google Adwords Keyword Tool to do some research on the Keywords you plan to use. Once you enter your keywords, it will show you the “competition scale” based on the keywords you want to use. The higher the competition, the more expensive your cost per click campaign will be. Once you finish with your keywords, you save and continue to billing information and you’re ready to go.

This is just a basic overview of what to expect when using Google Adwords. It’s simple enough, and there are a lot of videos and tips within the platform itself to help you succeed. Keep testing and tweaking different ads with a small budget until you find out what works. Once you figure out a successful Adwords campaign, then you can invest the big money and expect a good return on your investment.

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  1. Yea, its not that confusing if you just take your time. There are a lot of options that could make adwords confusing though..

  2. Now I see why so many people lose money when trying to advertise online. Its no joke!

    • The more I learn, the more I start to understand why people fail online. Its because it actually takes work and most people dont like to work..they just want instantly get rich without any effort. But if you put in the work, its possible. Just takes a learning curve…

  3. Hey Kent,

    Thanks for posting this. I was thinking about working with some affiliate marketers, and I heard that PPC is the best and quickest way to get traffic to your website. You wrote this article just in time, and I would like to thank you for this post. I sent you an email as well because I had a question. Thanks.

    • Yea..SEO is cool, but it takes forever to make any progress. If you want to make money, you have to spend money. SEO is a long term strategy.

  4. Even though you explained this very well, I still find it very confusing…. eeeeek

  5. Im a PPC Master! Hey, you should use PPC with NeverBlue Global..its a gold mine!!!

  6. This was very informative. I was unaware on how to do a few things, but reading this and the previous articles were a great help! 🙂
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