how to blog internet success

How To Blog For Success

How To Blog for Success

I recently wrote an article entitled “How to Blog” on Hubpages. That specific article was written for beginners, so if you’re new to blogging you should read that article first.

For small business owners that already have a blog up and running, here are 3 valuable tips on how to blog for a good user experience:


Internet users are easily distracted, and the last thing you want is for your website visitors to get overwhelmed. Try to keep your sidebar as clean as possible so your readers will stay focused. If your sidebar is showing twitter updates, a ton of advertisements, archives, tag cloud, facebook friends, calendar, clock, and 50 different links from your friends, then you’re doing too much.

how to blogYou want to keep your website design as simple as possible and easy to navigate. Studies have shown that the more options you give a person, the more confused they become which will result in the person leaving your website all together.

This is one of the reasons that Facebook has dominated Myspace. If you have noticed, Myspace is jam packed with advertisements in the header, sidebar, footer, homepage, and every other available space on the site. On the contrary, Facebook has a clean layout with very small advertisements on the right hand side.


Photos with in your blog post will keep your readers visually stimulated, and it will increase the chances of your readers actually reading the entire post. You do not want to include too many pictures because it could slow down your blog which can create a bad user experience.

I try to include at least 3 pictures per blog post, which makes a huge difference. I love to read, but even I get frustrated when I land on a blog that’s loaded with a wall of content and no images to break up the information. I usually just skim through those types of blogs instead of reading the whole thing. On the contrary, blogs that have images throughout the post are much easier to read all the way through.


Do not include too many links in your blog post. If you have links in every paragraph that are pointing your readers to different posts, then your readers will become annoyed and think twice about visiting your blog again. No one likes detours, so try to keep the links to a minimum. Also, if you add too many links within a post, it will look like spam to a search engine.

how to blog internet successSo use hyperlinks sparingly so you’ll create a good user experience. If you want to redirect your readers to other posts within your blog, it’s much more effective to use a “Related Posts” plugin which will give your readers the option to visit your other posts at the conclusion of the article. If you provide useful content to your readers, then there is a 90% chance they will check out your related posts.

Your main focus should be providing the best user experience possible for your readers. If you follow these tips you will rank higher in search engines, your business will grow a lot faster, and you will create diehard fans instead of just readers.

If you have any other tips on “how to blog”, then please let me know in the comments.

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To your internet success,

-Kent Mauresmo


  1. Im starting to notice that a lot more people are cleaning up there website due to google slapping the crap out of them. Hah

    • I have read a lot of articles too about people removing adsense because they think Google slapped them for having too many adverts. If these people removed adsense without even blinking an eye, then I’m almost sure they were not making much money from it anyways…so why even have it there in the first place, you know what I mean?

  2. I dont get why people have so much junk in there sidebar. Sometimes I wonder if they think they are customizing a myspace page. This is a good post as always

    • I think they just do not want there website to look empty. But what they dont realize is that less is MORE when it comes to website design. The simpler the better.

  3. Good Post

  4. I checked out your article on Hubpages too. Thats pretty cool. Good point too about the hyperlinks.

  5. I think WordPress is perfect right out the box…as far as how simple it is. Any premium theme purchased should follow the simple format

  6. I agree with everything you say.

    K.I.S.S. = Keep it simple stupid. =]

  7. Anna leave your comment…
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  8. Also a good tip to blog about something you’re knowledgeable about, and not just because you think want to sell affiliate products. If you have no idea what you’re talking about, people will know, and they wont buy anything from you anyways.

    If your only goal is to make money and not provide quality, then your wasting your time and money. Thats my tip >:-]]

  9. Hey thanks for the tips. I am considering a blog and your tips in Hugpages really helped.

  10. Another tip…be creative. There are so many blogs online that you have to do something that stands out from the rest.

    Its nothing wrong with taking advice from the “Top Bloggers” but if millions of people take advice from only a handful of bloggers, then you end up with a bunch of blogs online that look and feel exactly the same.
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  11. Great tips as always, Kent! I recently came across a blog and the woman hyperlinked every single word. I was truly annoyed. I like images in posts…. makes me not lose concentration 🙂
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  12. Just popping by – waiting to see your next post 🙂
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  13. Great post,
    You have pointed out some very useful tips here that i was completely blind to, i will be taking your advice and applying to my website.
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  14. Great Post! Thanks for giving a detailed description about how to blog.