“Build a Website With WordPress – Book”

“Who else wants to discover how to build a website with WordPress in less than 24 hours?”

“Presenting The Easiest Way Ever Developed To Learn WordPress—Guaranteed”

Do you want to discover how to build a website with WordPress fast? If you’re ready to learn the secrets, we’re ready to teach you! Invest a few tax-deductible dollars in this easy-to-read eBook!

We’ll teach you how to use WordPress to create potent money making websites that will boost your business fast.

Once you know the secrets, its easy.

This eBook is filled with screenshots showing you exactly how we run the administration area of our Read2Learn.net website.

Discover How To Build A Website With WordPress Fast

After you buy this eBook, you’ll know exactly:

  • How I pick the best domain names.
  • How to pick the best hosting package. (#1 mistake 95% of people make)
  • How to pick and install the BEST WordPress Plugins.
  • Where you should go to purchase amazing WordPress Themes.
  • How to customize your pages.
  • How to customize your sidebar.
  • How and where to get custom Facebook and Twitter widgets for your website.
  • How to effectively set up the recommended plugins.
  • How to write effective blog post/articles.
  • How to upload pictures and embed videos from YouTube.
  • How to get blog comments.
  • How to get found on the first page of Google.

How to build a website with wordpressWe’ll also give you resources so you can:

  • Sell products online.
  • Create an email list.
  • Create squeeze pages to capture names and emails.
  • Create membership websites.
  • Create video and slide shows for you website…ect ect ect!

Business owners have paid us $700-$1200 for this same information. We’re far too busy to meet up with business owners all week to create/manage websites, so we decided to write this eBook just for you.

Your time is money right?

So STOP wasting countless hours searching Google for outdated, duplicate, and confusing information.

Invest in this Ebook today for only $8.97 $4.99. That’s less than a cup of Starbucks coffee and a couple of donuts. This eBook will save you hours of your precious time—-I guarantee it.

“Kent actually gave me a copy of this book about a week ago, and its really good! Even if you already have a WordPress Blog or Website, you will find some very useful information in this book to help improve your website…” –Mathew Pitt

“If you’re new to WordPress, this is the book for you. If you already have a WordPress site, this is still the book for you. The information and resources found in this eBook are very valuable.” –Latoya S.

“This eBook breaks down every single function of WordPress. All the screenshots are from the back-end of Read2Learns website which I really liked….”Keller S.

“This book is fantastic! It taught me everything I needed to know. From the ins and outs of themes to writing proper posts, this book covers it all! Once you read this book you will be making better websites, and making more money in much less time.”Roberta J. Ness

“I had built a few websites before I bought this book, and I honestly regret not buying this book sooner. It’s a very easy to use and understand guide with plenty of helpful tips! Highly recommended!”-DStar

“This is an easy to follow ebook that gets right to the point. I already have a wordpress website, but there’ s a lot of material in this book that was completely new to me…” –Tyler Gordon

Invest in this eBook now at Amazon.com because you’ll need it!”

P.S. This Kindle eBook includes a link to download the PDF version as well.

P.P.S. There are probably hundreds of books on Amazon that teach you how to use WordPress, but give us a favor? Check out there websites FIRST before you waste your money.

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“If you need additional help after you read the book, then contact us.”

Kent Mauresmo & Anastasiya Petrova


  1. Hah! Finally you put this book out! What took so long. Haha

  2. Hey Kent, are you going to do put out the video training course for this book!? I can learn better by watching instead of reading. I watch2learn! 😉

  3. Im going to check out this book right now. Looks pretty promising..

  4. Serious question…Why do you and Ana only sell the book for $9? Other people sell ebooks like this for $30. You just giving it away huh!

  5. Oh a ebook? Give it away for free. Lol. nah jk. Im going to check it out

    • Lol! Not for free..never! Those people that give out free ebooks dont even write them 90% of the time. Its like Private Label Right books, and they just put there name on it. That’s why those books are horrible and outdated! Yep ;-]

  6. You should do more videos like this. Great post, thanks!

  7. Hey, i heard about the video training course too. When does that one come out?

  8. I think it is easy that you build a website with wordpress.I am interesting to your resources. I will come back. Thank you for your news.
    Renjun recently posted..Ptcbox paid me first time.My Profile

  9. I bought this book, its good.

  10. I just recently bought this book from Amazon and it was one of the better books! I should have bought this book first, but i took my chances with a 99 cent ebook! Those 99 cents books are horrible..you get what you pay for. smh

  11. This book is great. Do you have another book for SEO with wordpress?

  12. Great Post and Book! Somebody else was selling a similar book for $27, and it didn’t have as much detailed information as you and Ana provided. Can’t wait for the next book!

  13. I like video training…..where’s the membership area?

  14. I didn’t know Kindle had a desktop version. That’s really cool

  15. Thanks, I have just started a site using WordPress because I heard that it was the easiest way to build a good looking and functional website. Would be interested in learning more…
    Russ Benk recently posted..Incentria Payment ProofMy Profile

  16. Thanks For This Article !

  17. This is a very good book, the information is clear and helpful. Someone else built my web site but I will be able to keep the content current now, thanks!
    One problem with the book is the link to a PDF version, it did not work.

  18. I can say only one thing – great book with quality content. I saw your site first on WorldLinx and liked it a lot and visited a few times. With this great book you inspired me to create my own site and it is alive already and i am adding content and trying to improve it daily. I bought e-books in the past, but it is the book with the most quality content. I even registered a new Amazon account just to buy it.
    Svetoslav recently posted..NeoBux – new limitsMy Profile

  19. Hi guys… really keen to read your How To Build A Website With WordPress…Fast! but I don’t own a kindle or any other ebook reader. How can I purchase and read your book?

    Many thanks


  20. the price is $4.88 on this site and $6.97 on amazon ???

  21. nice article going to try. anyway thanx

  22. I know the wordpress.com site theme/hosting is notorious for not working with Java script plug ins as well as Google analytics. Do these ‘go away’ if I were to change over to a outside hosted site such as yours? If not, do you any suggestions on how to overcome these issues?

  23. Very nice information. Thank you for sharing it.

  24. Very useful information. Thank you for sharing it.

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