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How To Start A Website 2012

How To Start A Website Fast 2012

Do you want to discover how to start a website on your own domain name? This short blog post will give you some important tips that you should know before you start a website . If you want to learn how to start a website just for fun, then this article probably isn’t for you.

To start a website just for fun, just go to “” to get domain name for free. Next,  just enter in your contact details, pay for 12 months hosting, and click on 1 button to install WordPress and you’re done! Hah! I sorta skipped a few steps, but it’s really that easy and  you’re good to go!

But if you’re a business owner and you need a website to help boost your business, then follow the steps below:

The first step to building a website is research! If you want your website to rank on the first page of Google, then its a good idea to see what’s already on the first page based on your targeted keyword phrase. Let’s say for example that you’re an interior designer, so lets type “Interior Designer” into Google to see what comes up. (Click the image below to enlarge it)

how to start a website

Right away you’ll notice 2 things!

  1. Most of the top results are Google Business Listing.
  2. The other top ranked results either have the word “Interior“, “Design” or “Interior Design” in there domain name.

Good to know! Next you’ll want to navigate to the left of your screen and click where it says “Related Searches.”

how to start a websiteNow Google will give you about 15 related searches based on your keyword phrase. You should copy and paste those related search terms into a notepad for later. You can use those related search terms as titles for articles or even domain names.

You have a better chance ranking for your keyword phrase with Google if you incorporate those related search terms within your website. That’s why research is important.

If your business is local, then it’s even a better idea to type “Interior Design Los Angeles” (or whatever city you live in) to see what shows up. Anyone who enters something specific into Google (like their City) is a hotter buying prospect than someone who just enters something broad like “Interior Design.”

Keep in mind that someone could be simply looking for “Interior Design” images on Google and have no interest in hiring an Interior Designer. That’s why its a good idea to stay away from broad search terms because the traffic you’ll receive to your website won’t be as good.

Next you’ll want to think of some “buying” keywords. I’ll save you some time and post some here so you’ll get an idea of what I’m talking about:

  • buy
  • purchase
  • review
  • best
  • cheap
  • new
  • bargain
  • budget
  • economical
  • inexpensive
  • low cost
  • low priced
  • reduced
  • compare
  • model numbers
  • brand names
  • product names
  • order
  • discount
  • special offer
  • coupon
  • sales price
  • for sale
  • shop
  • get
  • good buy
  • best buy
  • low price
  • price
  • on sale
  • low cost
  • best cost

You’re going to want to incorporate these keywords into your blog post, blog titles, and maybe even your domain name. Somebody who’s looking to hire a local interior designer might type into Google,”low cost interior designer los angeles.” If someone is typing a phrase like that into Google, then chances are they have their credit card out and they’re ready to pay for a consultation.

Finally, you’ll want to use the Google Keyword Tool to find out how many people are searching for a particular keyword phrase. If you’re an Interior Design Company, then it doesn’t make sense to go after very broad keyword phrases that gets over 100,000 local searches per month.

It makes more sense to target a specific keyword phrase within the interior design industry that has no more than 10,000 local monthly searches…or even just 2000 searches.

how to start a website2000 people divided by 31 days = 64 people per day looking for what your company has to offer…and that’s just on Google! Wouldn’t it be nice to get those laser targeted prospects visiting your website? Your phone would be ringing everyday!

Based on all this research, NOW you’re ready to go to Bluehost and start a website. Figure out what you want your domain name to be based on your research, and see if that name is available by searching on the Bluehost sign-up page. If the domain name you want is available, then you’ll be prompted to enter in your contact details.

Next you have to choose a hosting package. By default the 36 month option will be selected, but I recommend that you change this to only 12 months. You’ll see a few other options checked like SiteLock, Site Back-up, Search Engine Jumpstart, and Domain Whois Privacy. The only added feature that I recommend is the Domain Whois Privacy to keep your personal information (email, billing address, phone number) out of this public database.

So Why Should You Start a Website Using WordPress?

The reason I recommend using the WordPress platform if you want to start a website is because it’s easy to use. If you know how to use Microsoft Word, then you’ll know how write blogs/articles using WordPress. If you know how to upload videos and pictures to Facebook, then you’ll know how to use WordPress.

how to start a website 2012If you want to discover how to start a website with WordPress, then I recommend that you purchase our kindle eBook on Amazon.

Our eBook will save you a lot of time, and you’ll be hundreds of steps ahead of the competition. The kindle eBook is only $8.97 $4.97 which is less than a large Ice-blended Frapuccino at Starbucks.

You can search for this information for free on Google, but the time you’ll waste trying to find useful information for free isn’t worth your time. Some people tend to forget that their time is money.

If your job pays you $12/hour, then that’s how much your time is worth. So if you waste 2 hours searching Google trying to figure out how to start a website, then you’ll actually waste $24 worth of your time. But guess what? Your time is worth A LOT MORE than $12/hour, and you’ll only find outdated information searching Google for free “how to” guides.

Our book was published on February 20th, 2012 and we already had to update it because something is always changing with WordPress. For example, if you don’t set up your permalinks correctly then you’ll never rank high on Google or anywhere else.

Also if you pick the wrong hosting package with other hosting companies (Hostgator, Godaddy, etc..), then you’ll end up costing yourself a lot a money when you decide to start another website.

Buy the eBook! It will shave at-least 6 months off your learning curve, and it’s easy to read.

How To Build a Website With WordPress

How To Build a Website With WordPressHow To Build a Website With WordPress

-Kent Mauresmo

How To Start a Website 2012


  1. You’re right about the permalinks. I changed my permalinks a few months later, and i got a bunch of 404 errors. Lol. If there wasn’t a plugin to fix that, i would have been screwed.

  2. I think everybody rushes when they make there first website. I ruined my first website so bad that it was easier to just start over with another one.

  3. It still surprises me how many people make website without doing any research. But i guess if its your first website, then the last thing people think about is research. Good post 😉

  4. Hah! Priceless! If people listen to this information they’ll save so much time. But they probably wont listen.

    • I know right..people swear they can find ANYTHING for free searching Google. You’ll just find a bunch of junk from SEO masters who got there articles to the first page. I never search Google longer than 5 minutes. If i cant find what I’m looking for I just buy a ebook every-time.

  5. You’re too funny! If i was GoDaddy, I wouldn’t know if I should be pissed at your or happy? They are pretty ridiculous with those up sells. I always call in instead of purchasing online.

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