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Kindle Marketing Strategy Pt.1

Kindle Marketing Strategy – 2012 Tips

Even though this blog post is entiteld “Kindle Marketing Strategy“, the tips found in this short article apply to other products besides Kindle ebooks. Marketing can get very expensive, so I’ll show you a couple things you can do for free that shouldn’t take you longer than 15 minutes.

If you’ve published an book on Amazon Kindle before, you’ll notice they give you a very generic URL that links to your book. Here’s an example of the link Amazon assigned one of our books:

Now after about a week, I noticed that Amazon assigned a new URL to my books product page which is:

Kindle Marketing Strategy

Kindle Marketing Strategy

Even though the links are different, they go to the same exact product page that displays our book. I also noticed that if you make changes to your book(s) title, Amazon will assign you another link that links to the same product page once again!

If you look at my URL, the part that says “B007BJ2902” stays the same and only text within the URL changes (depending how you title your book.)

The reason this is important is because you should use Social Bookmarking sites to help promote your books and gain exposure. Now if you’re familiar with Social Bookmarkeing sites, you know that you can NOT submit the same URL twice. But since Amazon tends to give you multiple URL’s, this give’s a you the opportunity to promote your books products page more than once.

Keep in mind that posting your book on social bookmarking sites isn’t guaranteed to skyrocket your sales. “Social Bookmarking” is good for brand awareness and exposure. Also when you post your books to social bookmarking sites, it’ll help Google index your products page fast and display your book within Google search. The social bookmarking websites you post to will also display there own link within Google Search that redirects to your book.

When you post a link to social bookmarking sites, they’ll ask you how you want to title your bookmark. If you write “How to” non-fiction books like myself, then here’s a good example of a bookmark title:

How To Build a Website With WordPress: Read2Learn Guides – Kent Mauresmo.”

Now if someone types “How To Build a Website With WordPress“, It’ll increase the chance of our Amazon page or Social Bookmarking post showing up in Google, Yahoo!, or Bing.

If someone types “Read2Learn Guides” or “Kent Mauresmo” into the search engine, then there’s an even greater chance that our book will populate. I noticed that Yahoo will even show an image of your book next to your Amazon listing.

Kindle Marketing Strategy Ebook

Kindle eBook on Yahoo!

If you write fiction books, then you need to title your social bookmarking post differently. For example, if you think your book is comparable to “Fifty Shades of Grey“, you could title your post:

Fifty Shades of Grey vs. (Enter Your Book Title Here.)


Books Similar to Fifty Shades of Grey.”

You might want to use the Google Keyword Tool too. Then you can  figure out what people are searching for when they type “Fifty Shades of Grey” or other popular fiction books that are similar to yours.

What Other Pages Can You Bookmark?

Besides your products page, you can also use Social Bookmarking websites to bookmark your:

  • Amazons Review Page.
  • Author Central Profile Page (create an author central profile if you don’t have one.)
  • Your Listmania List That Displays Your Books (create one.)
  • The “Tags” Page (if your book shows up on the first page for specific tags.)
  • Your Shelfari Page.
  • Anywhere else that your book shows up on the internet! You can use Google Alerts to find out where people are talking about your book(s) online. Then bookmark that page too.
Kindle Marketing Strategy

Self Promotion?

If you’re new to social bookmarking, be careful with self promotion. For every time you post a bookmark that references your products and/or blog posts, you should bookmark 5 -10 other websites that are unrelated. This will insure that your social bookmarking accounts look natural as they should be.

After you bookmark your all your pages, you can pay someone (outsource) to come behind you and vote up/like all your social bookmarks that reference your book. Multiple bookmarks will help create buzz around your book because it’ll create social proof that a lot people like you and/or your books.

You can check out our social bookmarking tips by reading this short post —-> Top 3 Social Bookmarking Tips

Here’s a short list of excellent social bookmarking sites that you can use —-> Top 10 Social Bookmarking Websites

For more information in regards to kindle marketing strategies and/or self publishing, check out our eBook below. It’s currently available on Amazon $2.99 because it’s a new book.

We’re going to bump up the price somewhere between $5-$10 because its worth more than $2.99. I personally think it’s worth $500.00 because the resources we give in this book are priceless. You’ll save a lot of money and time, and you’ll like reading this book.

-Kent Mauresmo



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