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Learn WordPress Website Design [Paperback]

Learn WordPress Website Design…Fast!

There’s now even an easier way to learn WordPress website design. We noticed that lot of our clients preferred the PDF version of our book because they wanted to print the book out and take notes.

Amazon Kindle has a “highlight” feature which allows you highlight certain parts of the book and take notes, but a physical book is still 100% better. Due to so many requests, we’ve decided to publish a paperback copy of our book!

The book is 8×10 in size which is pretty big for a book! The reason we created such a large book is to make sure all the images in the book are clear and legible. We also wanted to make sure you had plenty of room to take notes if needed.

Learn WordPress Website Design 2013

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The book is designed for beginners that want to create a self-hosted WordPress website. It’s very easy to get a self-hosted WordPress website live on the internet.

Setting up a self-hosted WordPress website only takes about 10 minutes. If you just want to learn how to set up a simple self-hosted WordPress blog, then check out this Hosted WordPress Guide: Start a Self Hosted WordPress Blog.

If you need additional help, then I recommend that you grab a copy of our book,” How To Build a Website With WordPress…Fast!” The book is available on Amazon Kindle (ebook) and/or Paperback.

If you’re not sure what the difference is between and, then check out this blog post: vs

If you want to learn WordPress website design fast, then you should invest in our book today. The Amazon links are below:

Kindle Book: How To Build a Website With WordPress…Fast! (Kindle Edition)

Paperback Book: How To Build a Website With WordPress…Fast! (Paperback Book)

-Kent Mauresmo


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