Peerfly Review

Peerfly Review

Peerfly Review 2011

I joined Peerfly as an experiment, and I decided to post a Peerfly Review for anyone who’s interested in CPA marketing. CPA stands for (Cost Per Action) which means you’ll get paid for certain actions (like an email submit) instead of an actual sale.

Peerfly has thousands of offers that will pay you $1-$2 for just an email address or zipcode submit. If you’re looking to join a CPA network, then Peerfly is a great network. Peerfly is the first CPA network that I’ve ever applied for and I got accepted right away with no CPA marketing experience.

Peerfly Review 2011

Peerfly Review 2011

As long as your aren’t banned from any other CPA networks, then you should get accepted.

Platform: Peerflys platform is very user friendly. You can sort all the offers by EPC (earnings per click), CR (Conversion Rate), or Payout.

You can even sort Peerflys offers by different niches, countries, or use the search filter to find a specific offer.

Inflated EPC?: I noticed a lot of people complain that CPA networks have inflated EPC’s or CR’s. Truth be told, all my numbers where a lot higher than the averages stated on Peerflys website. So if you aren’t converting any of Peerfly offers, then you need a new marking strategy because whatever you’re doing is not working. Look at my screenshot below (Click the image below to enlarge it):

Peerfly Review Screenshot

Peerfly Review Screenshot

Does Peerfly Scrub Leads?: Absolutely not! I used Adwatcher to track all my conversations, and everything matched up to the penny. The only way your leads will get scrubbed is if you’re submitting fraudulent leads. Also, if you’re using a marketing strategy that’s not allowed, your leads will get scrubbed and your account might get suspended.

So if the rules says that you’re not allowed to advertise on Social Networks for a certain offer, then don’t do it! If you aren’t sure what classifys as a social network then send Luke Kling (the affiliate manager) an email. Luke Kling always responds to emails from my experience.

I’ve sent Luke some really retarded emails, and he has always responded. So it’s better to ask Luke Kling about any questionable advertising methods rather than getting your account suspended and/or blacklisted.

So can you make money with Peerfly?: Yes! I will show you proof of payment in my next post, and I will give crucial tips to help you succeed with Peerfly.

-Kent Mauresmo



  1. Hi Kent,
    It has been a while since we last spoke – are you well?
    I like to see proof too before really judging something so I will be looking out for your next post, BUT the fact that you were accepted to use PeerFly with no other CPA experience- quite interesting.
    It seems pretty understandable in comparison to may other places offering the same services.
    Gabriella recently posted..Oxford iStreet Gears Up For An eChristmasMy Profile

    • I will post everything in my next post. I had to break the post up into 2 different articles because it was getting waay too long. People have A.D.D. on the internet. They are not going to read long articles. Hah.

  2. What the hell.. how did you make that much money your first month?

  3. Really? 40% Conversations? Haha..what advertising where you doing to get something like that huh?

  4. Well Peerfly rejected me, so i don’t know. Neverblue rejected me too. I just use clickbank for now, but maybe i will try to get into Peerfly again.

  5. Ohhhh! I will join Peerfly, thats looks pretty good. Did they pay you on time? Its not a scam or anything? I heard some bad things about clickbooth on the internet, but I keep hearing good things about Peerfly.

  6. Does PeerFly support PayPal? I have always wanted to do transactions with PayPal since it saves me from a lot of hassle. My blog at the moment is not that big yet but i’m currently looking for a good alternative for Google Adsense.

  7. my application was approved by peerfly but still no idea how to promote. thank u kent for this info.
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