SEO For WordPress Updates 2013

SEO For WordPress Updates

I’m currently working on an update for our “SEO For WordPress” book that’s available on Amazon. Inside our book we recommend that you use the Google Keyword Tool for research, but I realize that the Google Keyword Tool is no longer available.

The Google Keyword Tool has been replaced with something called the “Keyword Planner.” I haven’t gotten a chance to play around with the new Google Keyword Planner because I’ve been busy working on two other books. Until I update the book, you can easily use Traffic Travis for keyword research and get results for Google, Yahoo, and Bing. See the screenshot below:

SEO For WordPress

SEO For WordPress

If you want to find even more keyword ideas, you can use You can use this keyword tool to find a lot of long-tail keywords. For those of you that dont know, a long-tail keyword is a keyword that consists of at least 3 words. Long-tail keywords are usually more specific and will bring highly targeted visitors to your website. You can see a screenshot below of some of the keywords that recommended for me:

SEO For WordPress 2013

SEO For WordPress 2013

SEO For WordPress –  Updated Links

Finally, I noticed that the download link in our book for older version of Traffic Travis now prompts you to download a newer version of the software. This might create some confusion because the screenshots in our book will look different from what you’re seeing.

I use an older version of Traffic Travis because I like the interface better and the newest version, at the time, had a lot of bugs. I checked out the newest version of Traffic Travis and everything seems to be in working order. We’re going to update the book to reflect screenshots from the newest version of Traffic Travis to make sure everybody is on the same page.

Those are the only updates that we’re going to add to our SEO For WordPress book. All the other information in our book is still valid and will improve your rankings with Google.  We’re in the process of finishing two other books, and then we’re going to update the SEO book will new screenshots.

If the new Google Keyword Planner tool is simple enough for everybody to use, then we’ll include an easy simple to read guide in our book showing people how to use the tool. If the new Google Keyword Planner tool seems too complicated, then we’ll exclude it from our book. Most keyword tools do the exact same thing, and our goal is to provide you with the easiest solution to save you time and money.

The new book will be available sometime in October. Thanks for reading! Have a nice day 🙂

-Kent Mauresmo


  1. Hi Kent,
    Any news when your latest version of SEO for wordpress will be released? I have the first version and am interested to hear what you think of Google’s new keyword planner and info on how to use Traffic Travis new version.
    Many thanks
    Kate Dewfall recently posted..Lego Halloween OOoooooooMy Profile

    • Hello Kate,

      The book should be ready in about 2 weeks. I’m currently in the process of publishing the latest “How To Build a Website” book. Ana is finishing the SEO book as I type this. 😀

  2. Google keyword tool is replaced by keyword planner.but its not sure that it will be compatible for users or not.

    • I know. It’s pretty much the same exact tool, but we’ve updated the book for people that need help. It will be available to purchase in about a week. I have the PDF book right now if you need it.

  3. Hi Kent,

    I’m struggling a bit with Google’s Keyword Planner because I, too, have purchased the SEO For WordPress version where you explain how to use Google Keyword Tool. You mentioned that you have the PDF book where you’ve updated that section. Would you let me know how I can get it?

    Many thanks and regards,
    Phoenix Virago recently posted..Hello world!My Profile

  4. Hello Kent.

    Im pretty much in the same situation as Phoenix with the keyword tool. Any possibilities on getting the pdf version? Thank You Very Much

    Yobany Martinez

  5. I hope your book will help my WP blog rank higher in search engines.
    David Ryan recently posted..thecalculatr.comMy Profile