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top 3 marketing myths:

1. Blog Comments

Commenting other blogs will not bring a ton of traffic to your website. I think it’s important that I put this information out there because there are so many gurus that preach this nonsense and it is a complete lie.

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read2learn about kindle

The Amazon Kindle is a portable e-book reader developed by

The Kindle looks similar to an Ipad, but its better. The Kindle enable users to shop for, download, and read e-books, newspapers, magazines, and even blogs.  The Kindle can hold thousands of books which should lighten that heavy load in your backpack. Which do I prefer?

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Free Quality Marketing Tips? You Be The Judge

I just read another blog from a so-called expert promoting free marketing strategies to make money online. She said you should:

“Use  automated blogs, social media networks, forums, and in NO TIME AT ALL, folks will be on your company’s website making a purchase!”

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