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top 3 marketing myths:

1. Blog Comments

Commenting other blogs will not bring a ton of traffic to your website. I think it’s important that I put this information out there because there are so many gurus that preach this nonsense and it is a complete lie.

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Publish Your Ebook

The book market is advancing in favor of the self-publishing author which has caused a “big boom” in the ebook market. As you know, the Association of American Publishers projected that eBooks will account for $6 billion dollars of annual book sells by 2012.

If you’re a good writer and you have always wanted to publish your own book, now is the time. Also, if you’re a blogger who writes surpreme content, then you can easily convert those first class blog post into an ebook. Here are my top 3 websites that will put you on the right path to ebook domination:

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