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Top 10 Social Bookmarking Websites

Social Bookmarking Sites

Social Bookmarking is exactly what it sounds like. You bookmark your favorite websites or blog-posts “publicly” where they can be shared and discussed on a social platform. I’ve investigated almost every single popular bookmarking site on the web, and here is a list of my Top 10 Social Bookmarking Websites in no particular order:

1. My Link Vaultread2learn about mylinkvault – This site is very easy to use and has a high Page Rank with Google.

2. Delicious
This very popular site is easy to post bookmarks too, but admin area has confusing navigation in my opinion. The reason I added this site to the list is because you can export your bookmarks to other Bookmarking sites such as…

3. Folkd read2learn about folked
This site has a very high Page Rank with Google and you can import all your saved bookmarks from Delicious in about 2 seconds.

4. LinkedIn
This site isn’t known for bookmarking, but from what I’ve seen, you can bookmark your favorite websites/blogs and these are viewable to people who view your LinkedIn profile.

read2learn about diigo

5. Diigo
Not to be confused with Digg, this bookmarking sites clams to be better than Digg. The website is very user friendly and has a nice layout.

6. Digg
Most people know about Digg. It’s very user friendly as well, and you can import your friends from Twitter, Facebook, ect.

7. StumbleUpon
When you bookmark your website on StumbleUpon, other active users can “stumble upon” your website by clicking a “stumble” button in the admin area or Toolbar. The good news is that you’re guaranteed a little bit traffic which will get people familiar with your brand. The bad news is that most people who actively use stumbleupon are generally bored and have low attention spans. So unless you have a beautiful photography blog or you’ve posted funny “fail” pictures, then chances are users will bounce off your site just as fast as they arrived there.

8. Reddit
This site is very popular and has a high Page Rank with Google. The navigation on the site could be better, but it’s very easy to post your bookmarks there.

Read2learn about social monkee9. Social Monkee
This website will allow you to post your website or blog to 25 smaller bookmarking websites for free. Let’s be honest, the only reason you are posting your website to social bookmarking websites is to get exposure right?

10. SocialBookmarking
This website looks really cool, has a lot of users, and it’s very easy to use. Just don’t spam the website and you’ll be fine.

There are other popular bookmarking websites as well, but the sites listed here have very lenient guidelines, and they are  not “content specific.” There are some other “top 10 list” online, but a lot of the recommended bookmarking sites are closed down, not accepting new users, content specific, flag you for Spam, and/or not user friendly.

It’s beyond me why some Social Bookmarking websites tell you what you can and cannot bookmark. Users should be able to bookmark whatever they want as long as it’s legal.

-Anastasiya Petrova



  1. I never heard of Link Vault. I checked and it does have a good page rank. Good Post, Thanks

  2. Folked is one of the most underrated bookmarking sites in my opinion

  3. I agree with you about StumbleUpon. That site is more for entertainment

  4. Linkedin?…really? I never signed up for that site because it thought it was about trying to find a job

  5. Folked ..THUMBS UP

  6. I do not like Reddit. Digg is better. I think Reddit needs a makeover

  7. I got to this site from Stumbleupon just right now….LOL!

  8. You’re right. I checked out some other top 10 list on Google and the sites they are referring are outdated. For example. Mixx and Slashdot are not accepting bookmarks right now.

    People who put those websites into there Top 10 list obviously have not even visited the website recently, or they copying their blog post from somebody else, or the search result is outdated. That’s why I like coming to this site as the information here is current. Thanks for the good post

    • I noticed that half the people who write blogs don’t even take the time to verify what they are saying. Its beyond me how someone could write a TOP 10 list of websites that they obviously do not even use.

      We use all the websites posted in our list. I can give you a user name to each and every one of them. The username is Read2learn or MrRead2Learn for each bookmarking site recommended…verified.

  9. Very nice list,
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