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Top 10 Twitter Tips 2011

Top 10 Twitter tips for 2011:

1. Do Not Auto Tweet

There is so much spam on twitter that people do not automatically “follow back” like they used too. Most people will now look at your profile to see your tweets and how natural they look.

If your twitter account is posting updates every 20 minutes for the past 24 hours, then obviously you’re using some type of software and people will not follow you back. The only “follow backs” you will get is from other automated accounts that automatically follow back anybody that follows them. You’ve seen these accounts before. They are following 50,000 people and they have 50,000 people following them back.

2. Do Not Post Too many links

Unless you’re Bloomberg News, there is no reason to include a link every time you post a Tweet. That will start to annoy some people and they will unfollow you. There is nothing wrong with posting links, but you have to mix it up a little bit.

For every link you post, you should probably post 3-5 tweets that do not have links. Once again, there are so many spam accounts that it’s hard to tell which accounts are real and fake. People might mistake you for a spam account and block you if all your tweets have links.

internet success read 2 learn kent mauresmo 3. Twitter Apps (OAuth 3rd party Applications)

Some of these 3rd party apps will automatically post updates to your Twitter account without you knowing it. Most of the time these are promotional links promoting the App you just authorized or it’s promoting another website.

Either way, these auto tweets that are sent out have a robotic feel, or it usually has a link. Be cautious who you authorize you access your twitter account.

4. Replay To People That “Mention” You

Always reply to people that mention you! Twitter is a social network and the whole point of Twitter is to connect with people. If you have 12 Million followers like Justin Bieber, then obviously you can’t respond to everybody.

If you only have a couple thousand followers and you’re not a celebrity, then I doubt you get that many “mentions” per day. If you get into a habit of not responding to people, then some will get offended and unfollow you.

5. Do Not Abuse the “Retweet” Button

Retweet something useful that you believe your followers will benefit from. I do not know why people retweet “nice things” that someone else have said about them or their company. That retweet is not useful to anyone except you =]

6. Don’t Abuse Hash Tags (#)

Hash tags are great, but if you include too many in your tweets it will look like spam. One hash tag in a tweet looks normal, but if you have 6 hash tags in your tweet , then people start to wonder or they may just block you right away. There is nothing wrong with using hash tags, but using them too much looks suspiciously like a spam account.

7. Check Your Inbox

Some people actually send you direct messages to your inbox. A lot of the messages are automated, but sometimes you actually get a real message from someone who has a question.

Check your inbox often and unfollow anybody who has sent you an automated direct message. If there direct message was automated, then chances are their tweets are automated too.

twitter 2011 internet success business8. Use the “Search” Box

If you want to start up a conversation with someone, then use the “search” box and type in a subject that you want to discuss. For example, if you want to talk about the new Mercedes CLS63 AMG, then type that into the search function and you will see a timeline full people talking about that specific subject. You can then “mention” those people and start a conversation.

9. Fill out your bio

This seems like a no brainer, but I still see Twitter accounts with a blank bio. Right away people will think the account is fake and not follow you. It only takes 2 minutes to fill out the bio and add a link to your website. Say something personal about yourself and not your profession.

Everybody on twitter is an SEO expert so I would avoid saying that even if you are. Instead say something like, “I fascinated with computers and building websites. When im not optimizing my website, I’m watching Netflix and eating pizza.” Now that sounds like a real person, and there is a 100% chance that I will check out the person’s website.

Twitter is not like LinkedIn! You can relax, have a cocktail, roll up your sleeves, and loosen up that tie.

10. Custom Background

This is not necessary, but a custom background gives you a chance to express yourself and/or get people familiar with your brand. Most people have custom backgrounds, but I still see a few people who do not take advantage of this feature.  This also proves to people that you are real because most spam accounts will not bother customizing anything.

twitter for 2011 success[Bonus Tip] Ask Questions

The best way to engage your follows is to ask questions. Everyone likes to answer questions because they like to share their point of views. You can ask questions you already know the answer too just to start a conversation.

One time I asked, “What doesn’t SEO mean?” You can imagine what happened. I got responses from people that were not even following me, but it made  good conversation plus it helped me find the real people to follow opposed to the automated accounts.

If you have any other tips that I have missed, leave them in the comments and share the knowledge. If you found this post informative, then I would appreciate if you would bookmark this post or share this on Twitter or Facebook. Thank you for the reading Twitter 2011 tips 🙂

To your internet success,

Anastasiya Petrova


  1. Finally somebody admits that auto tweeting is annoying!

  2. If everybody did this, I would probably use my twitter account again. I dumped twitter and went back to facebook. Good tips like always Ana

  3. People get way to excited with those hash tags. Like ” #Hi #my #name #is #Content #is #King ” Super annoying, yea I delete those people too…or report them as spam

  4. Another good tip is not to tweet so much. Some people people tweet every 5 seconds and they tweet the most stupid things. I dont want my timeline flooded with nonesense I.E. “im going to the bathroom..brb” Wow..who cares

    • Yea. I either its some young teenagers, or someone using software that tweets every 15 or 20 minutes. No one has that much to say. Im suprised they do not get put in Twitter Jail
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  5. Another tip is to actually use your twitter account. I was following some people who has not used there account in 2 months! I dont want to follow people that do not even use there account. I seek and destroy the accounts.

  6. Good Post…finally somebody tells it like it is. Twitter is a spamathon

  7. Thanks for information. This is a good post for me
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  8. I loved this post! I’m so Twitter obsessed. Loved it. The automated tweet point is spot on 🙂
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    • I would really really love twitter if people would stop auto tweeting. I dont know what people think that its okay to do that. Haha

      • It makes them feel so important. I’d understand Justin Bieber auto-tweeting to keep his teen fans happy but regular people should have a life rather than looking as if they do not.

        Watch out for our future Youtube video! 🙂
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        • Where is the youtube post you were telling me about? We had to to some research to see how its done. I believe its with PowerPoint huh?

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    Oh wow, that sounded like an advert. Ha ha. cool website btw – about time I commented 😉
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    • 7search your company? Either way it looks good. I checked out a few keywords to see how many searches it receives. Im going to look more into that site tomorrow to see where the ads display. =]

  10. I’ve only just started using Twitter so thanks for the tips! I’m a noob hehe!
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  11. Good useful tips, Since I am new to this it helped a lot before I tweet. All ten tips are worth the classification is made on each account informative to me
    thanks again

  12. I am so glad I ran into this article and another you wrote about Twitter. I was having the hardest time figuring out “what the hell it’s all about” and what exactly the point of it all was. Your article helped a lot. Thanks=)