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What is Twitter About Pt. 2

What is Twitter About

Make sure to Read Part 1  of “What is Twitter About” before reading this article. If you are looking for the website to Twitter so you can learn how to tweet, the website is

Learn How To Tweet
Go back to your homepage and you will see the words “Whats happening?” Under those words is a box. You type whatever status update you want into that box and hit the button on the bottom right that says “Tweet.” The new tweet will show up on your main page.

Below this section are 5 tabs, but I’ll just focus on 3 of the tabs which are most important which are:

read to learn what is twitter about read2learn

  • Timeline – This tab will show the tweets from everybody that you follow and the tweets that you send out. If you see an interesting tweet, then place your mouse over that tweet and you will have the option to either save it as a favorite, retweet it, or reply to the person who sent out the message.
  • @Mentions – Your twitter timeline moves very fast once you start to follow a lot of people. It will eventually move so fast that you will not be able to see when people are replying to your tweets by watching your timeline. The @mentions tab will show you the people who have replyed to your tweets or mentioned your user name in there tweet.
  • List – You can create your own groups or “lists” and put them into different catagories. For example you may only want to see Tweets from your family members, but its hard to find them in your timeline. So you can create a list called “family” and place all your family memebers in that list. You can then view that list in a completely different timeline that will only show tweets from the family members you added to that list.

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#Tag your Tweets
You can tag your post on twitter so that people who are not following you can see it. The way you do this is buy placing the “#” symbol infront a specific word. For example, you might see tweets that look like, “Wow..#INCEPTION was such a good movie!” When this is done, the tweet will be shown in a timeline where people about talking about the movie “Inception.” You can enter #Inception in the search box at the top of Twitter to view other users speaking about the same topic. (I.e.. #Justinbieber #Ladygaga #Iphone #prettygirls …ect)

So that’s how to work twitter! There are few other tips too, but this is more than enough information to put you 10 steps ahead of the game. Happy Tweeting, and make sure to follow us on TWITTER.  =]

To your internet success,

-Kent Mauresmo


  1. I had no idea what people used that symbol. Hah Read2Learn with #KentMauresmo

    • I took me a while to figure out what that Symbol meant on Twitter. Most the information I looked up on Google about it was bad information from people who did no know what they are talking about. The worst is when someone asks on Yahoo Answers, and the people who usually answer are 12yr olds who dont know what they are talking about. But somehow that stuff gets in the first 3 spots on Search Engines. Hah..i dont get it

  2. So if I get “listed” that means somebody added me to there list right?

  3. Twitter owns Facebook. Good Post

  4. My time is very confusing. I never look at it anymore. I only follow my list. Without the list, my Twitter would be a mess and hard to follow

  5. I remember when I finally found the @mentions button, I realized that people were responding to my messges the whole time. I just never saw it because the timeline moves quick like you said. Its almost like a chartoom

  6. I followed you on Twitter…follow me back

  7. Just wanted to say your guide to Twitter was great 🙂 easy to understand, too!
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