whats pinterest about

What’s Pinterest About?

What’s Pinterest About?

Until a few days ago, I had no idea what “Pinterest” was. I heard about it from my cousin, but I never really took the time to check it out. Personally, Pinterest sounded like ANOTHER one of those social networking sites that sucks all your time away, so I wasn’t “Pinterested.” 🙂

I slowly started to notice a lot of websites with the “Pinterest” sharing button on there page, so I couldn’t ignore it any longer. So I went to the website to check it out, and it looked like a photo sharing site…like Tumblr.

I didn’t really see what the big deal was with this site, but I still wanted to sign up to check it out..just in-case I was missing something.

whats pinterest aboutCurrently Pinterest is in “invitation only” mode which reminded me of Google+! Remember that? How annoying was that?!

I still haven’t signed up with a Google+ account because they took to long to invite me and now I’m over it. Hah!

Anyways, I signed up for an invite to join Pinterest, and 2 minutes later I received an email saying “Welcome to Pinterest!” I’m not that special, so if I got accepted join the site, then I’m sure you will too.

You have to sign into Pinterest with either your Facebook account or Twitter profile. Once you’re signed in, they ask you what your interests are and then they present you with hundreds of photos.

If you like a picture, you click the “like” button. If you want re-post a picture on your profile, you click the “Re-Pin” button. If you want to comment a picture, you click the “comment” button.

whats pinterest about 2012So basically this website is exactly like Tumblr! It’s just another social networking site for photos!

The only major difference is that you can organize your photos into categories which they refer to as “Boards“…like a pin board..but its actually just categories.

You can also follow people with similar interest so you can see there photos and “Repin” (Reblog) the ones you like. So basically its just ANOTHER one of those social networking sites that sucks all your time away!

Why Should Any of This Matter to You?

Well if millions of people sharing information on Pinterest, then as a business person you need to be there too. According to a survey conducted by Sharaholic, more people shared information on Pinterest than Twitter last month which is pretty insane! So its a good idea to sign up and set up your profile with Pinterest today.

You can also add a link back to your website which will show up in Google in less than 24 hours. Google apparently loves this website because my Pinterest profile actually showed up in Google in less than 2 hours.

Just keep in mind that Pinterest is mainly a photography site! So don’t be one of those annoying guys posting a bunch of “Make Money Online” crap on that website. You can probably sprinkle in a few articles like that, but most of the people that use Pinterest aren’t looking for information…they just want to see photos!

With that being said, if you run a photographer business, interior designer, fashion designer, or a restaurant owner, then you can really boost your business with this website.

You can follow my Pinterest account at

-Kent  Mauresmo

Whats Pinterest About?


  1. I actually like Pinterest better than Tumblr. The organization is way better..

  2. I never even heard of this website. It looks really cool though! I just signed up..I’m waiting to get invited! Hopefully I get invited as fast as you did =]

  3. I think Pinterest is going to overtake Twitter. I don’t see the point of Twitter..everything moves to fast.

  4. Obviously I’m into Fashion and design so this website is perfect. The layout is better than Tumblr. A lot of my friends at school are transferring all there pictures to Pinterest.

  5. My sister was on that website all day on her phone! And I mean the entire day! Those photo sharing website can get super addicting.. Im already addicted to Facebook, so I’m going to have to pass on this website …for now anyways.

  6. My buddy owns an Italian Restaurant, and this website is very useful. I think his pictures link back to his website from his restaurant. its really cool. I like this website. Its good for food recipes.

  7. Pinterest is Tumblr for girls. Lol. You see all the food on that website???

  8. I gained a lot of knowledge from this blog about pinterest. It seems very interesting. I would like to sign up there. Is the registration free? Thanks a lot for the information!
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