WooRank Review Fail

WooRank Review 2012

WooRank Review 2012….Ultimate Fail

I had to write this WooRank review because I have recommended this “FREE” SEO research tool for the past 12 months! But today I went to, and something interesting happened.

I typed in my websites URL into the “website review” box and the screenshot below is what showed up after I hit the enter key:

WooRank Review Fail

WOW!! Ultimate FAIL!!! Seriously, the only thing I’ve seen more ridiculous than this is when Netflix doubled their prices. But at least Netflix started out as a paid service so it wasn’t that much of a shock!

I’m sorry, but you can’t turn a FREE tool into a $49/month membership website. There’s no way you can run an internet business that way.

$49/month?!! Really?! That’s almost $600 per year for something that was free a week ago. The funniest part is that WooRank wasn’t that accurate to begin with! The only reason no one really complained was because it was free.

But even if WooRank gave me 100% accurate results, it’s still not worth $49/month! Maybe $49 for a lifetime membership…but nah I still wouldn’t pay for that.

Paying a monthly membership fee to use WooRank is about as silly as paying a monthly fee to use Google search. Get real.

The only logical explanation is that the original owners sold the website to some greedy venture capitalist…who knows. Honestly, I’m going to miss WooRank because it was a very helpful website. The good news is that their are several thousand similar websites that are just as good and still free. Here’s a few:


You can also download a free copy of SEO PowerSuite (SpyGlass) or Travis Traffic. Both of these software’s have a built in feature that will allow you analyze your website for free. The Pro version of both these software’s are amazing too, and they only cost about $97 – $99. (ONE TIME FEE)

Check out these other resources and let me know what you think!

-Kent Mauresmo

WooRank Review 2012


  1. That sucks. I used to love this website.

  2. All good things must come to an end. RIP Woorank. Hahaha

  3. That website was really inaccurate anyways. I’m surprised that are trying to charge people monthly to use that website. Since when did they start doing this?

  4. Wow! I still don’t believe this. I was sitting there at there website for like 15 minutes in disbelief. I kept entering my URL thinking this was some kinda error.

  5. Oh no..and you and Ana recommended this website in your book too. Hah! WooRank burned you! Not good. Ahh..that website was starting to suck anyways

  6. No way!! That has to be a joke. Anybody that pays $49/month for this website needs to get there head checked. The funniest part is that they have a $499/month plan. That’s beyond stupid.

  7. What a disaster. I wouldn’t even pay $5/month for that website. It was mediocre at best. RIP

  8. Hi Kent, Hi Folks, I am Jean , a co-Founder at Woorank.

    I want to confirm that Woorank is still free: it is free for any website owner or any casual user who run One Website Review per week. It is more than enough for non professional use.

    On the other hand, we have decided that Internet Professionals should pay for the usage: 200.000 web experts come every month to Woorank, they runs many reviews every day on Woorank, they make tons of money and they save lot of time with Woorank.

    Now that we have paying clients, we will be able to maintain the free tool, to improve the quality of the data in the Pro tool and we are adding more features in the Pro tool as well: competitor’s review, inside pages analysis and much more.

    We are open to any constructive suggestions,



    • No Jean, its not free at all. I just entered in a website that I haven’t used in months, and I still got the “Opps” error saying that I can only check once per week.

      It would be so much better if you just had a free version with limited information.
      Kent Mauresmo recently posted..WooRank Review 2012My Profile

    • Jean:
      Somethings up with the cookie settings on woo rank that needs to be investigated then as I only use it to check how Im doin on my site … same oops page occurs…. I like your site very informative and I also send my clients there to assist them in there endeavors—most of us rookies at best- Tom -owner-

  9. That is a bummer! I wonder how many they’ll get to sign up… Not me
    Terence O’Neill recently posted..Do you need to know how to build a website from scratch?My Profile

    • I’m sure they’ll get enough signups because that site gets a lot of traffic! Lol. I’m not even mad anymore because everything can’t be free on the internet. It’s cool! But I still think it’s ridiculous to go from 100% FREE to $49/month.
      Kent Mauresmo recently posted..WooRank Review 2012My Profile

  10. Try they have some very useful free tools and cheap paid panel. very helpful i think

  11. It’s just ridiculous, $50 for a free tool which wasn’t even accurate. Not going on that ship anymore.

  12. At this price, a little luxury that is not recognized in the consolidated media & css tag, the list is endless, other stupid mistakes.
    Use any other seo checker, they leave it the hell out.

  13. I agree on the price point being out of line for the average consulting service. The company as stated by Jean in the comments seams to be going for the larger corporate consulting firms, not the small firms, which my guess are most of the companies using their service.
    Here’s another one that’s nice to use

    Just my 2¢
    Mike Storzieri recently posted..Good Ideas Come From HunchesMy Profile

  14. Hey guys, it sucks indeed….i have build an alternative you might like ;). check out It’s free to use and you can have website history if you register (also free). We only charge a bit on custom pdf creation because it cost lots of data.

    It is still in beta version and can use some feedback.

  15. Simple Solution to this problem

    1. Install on your browser
    2. Grab a free proxy
    3. Run Woorank.. relaxxxx

    Seriously relax it will take a little while to generate your report, proxy servers arent very fast. But hey it WORKS! 🙂

    P.S You may have to try a few ips before finding one that works.

  16. Thanks for the some excellent suggestions for alternatives to WooRank in the comments. Another one to try is It’s not free, but at $9.95 for 10 websites it’s at least a bit cheaper.