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WordPress Web Hosting [Free eBook]

For a limited time, you can download our newest WordPress Web Hosting eBook for free. If you’re already subscribed to our mailing lists, then I’ll send out an email with a link that will enable you to download the PDF book for free.

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The book is entitled “WordPress Web Hosting: How to Use cPanel and Your Hosting Control Center.” The kindle version of this book is now available for sale on Amazon. The free download link that I’m going to give you is for the PDF version of the book.

WordPress Web Hosting Guide

WordPress Web Hosting Guide

What will you discover by reading this short book?

You’ll discover:

  • How to use cPanel
  • What a Hosting Control Center (HCC) is
  • The difference between Shared, VPS, and Dedicated WordPress Hosting
  • How to choose the best WordPress hosting provider for your business
  • How to create and manage professional webmail accounts (email)
  • How to manage WordPress files
  • How to create FTP accounts
  • How to use 3rd party FTP clients to upload and download files (Filezilla)
  • How to track your website visitors with cPanel
  • How to use cPanel to improve your websites security
  • What databases are used for
  • How to use sub-domains
  • How to use add-on domains
  • What parked domains are used for
  • How to back up your website
  • How to easily navigate cPanel
  • Which promotional upgrades you should purchase
  • Which promotional upgrades you should avoid

You’ll Also Learn:

  • How disk space is used and measured
  • How bandwidth is used
  • What MySQL databases are, and why you need them
  • What to look for in regards to web hosting support
  • How to get free domain names
  • How to use referral programs to get free web hosting
  • What to look for in regards to web hosting policies and money back guarantees
  • Which web hosts offer unlimited disk space
  • Which web hosts offer unlimited bandwidth
  • Which web hosts offer unlimited databases
  • How to host unlimited WordPress websites on a single hosting a lot more!

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-Kent Mauresmo


  1. I just downloaded the book. It looks good so far. Thanks for the free download! 😛

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  6. I went from chapters 1-6 in the first day, what a relief! Needed this book years ago! I have already recommended it to several of my friends.

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